Saturday, February 10, 2007

Day 94: M2 Day 4 - Arnie and The Pump!


Arnold Schwarzennegger in the bodybuilding classic Pumping Iron described the feeling you get during an intense weight training session as the pump.

Today I experienced that very feeling as I was doing my Lactic Acid (LT) workout. Here's why. LT training operates on the concept of not allowing your blood enough time to effectively eliminate waste (lactic acid) from your muscles in between sets.

This is because you have only 20 seconds rest between sets during LT training. The net effect of this is a hardening of the tension in the muscle group you are working at that time. Play this out for 8
consecutive sets (like I did today) and will get the pump by about the 5th set.

The pump is a great feeling to have. You become much more aware of your muscles which allows you to focus even harder on the contraction. This is key because you must make every single rep count when you desire a full-blooded physique transformation.

For more details on LT training check out my
Day 75 blog post where I talked about my fat loss training mentor Nick Nilson and his program Metabolic Surge. I go into great detail about the 3 seconds that changed the course of my life and my experience with Nick.

Below are M2 Day 4 pics for February 10, 2007.


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