Monday, November 27, 2006

Day 20 Pics: An Uncensored Flashback Picture and Another Notch In My Belt!

Day 20 of 84

Status - Round 2: Phase 3: Day 1


Today was another breakthrough day.

First, some background, I have been using the same black belt for the last 2 years. This belt has 6 notches on it. During my 105 kg, 27% bodyfat days not too long ago (see picture below left) I had to hold my breath and my gut to get the buckle into the first notch.

Well, today I conquered the 6th notch in! While bodyfat calculations, muscle measurements and the like are great for measuring your progress, I believe "real world" indicators like belt notches, pant sizes and even positive comments from workmates and friends are also just as important because they are tangible results.

Anyway, enough gloating. Today's weight training routine was Muscle Rounds. This is essentially the same workout I did back on Day 8 - with an increased workload in number of sets and larger weights.

Above Picture: Me @ 105 kg's (231 Pounds) & 27% Bodyfat

I am now on Day 20 of 84. I am happy with my progress so far, the fire has been lit inside of me and I can't wait to see how far I can progress over the next 9 weeks.

Below are Day 20 pics for November 27, 2006.

Peace, AJ

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