Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day 62 Pics: Why Swallowing Your Pride Can Be A Smart Move

12 Week Fat Loss Challenge

Start: November 8, 2006
Finish: January 31, 2007

Day 62 of 84

Status: Round 7: Phase 1: Day 2


I discussed a couple of days ago how my cardio capacity had decreased during my 2 week vacation to Australia. While I regularly do swimming, cycling, boxing and skipping, the staple of my cardio is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on the treadmill. This is the standard against which I measure the progression my general fitness, speed and endurance.

Before I left for Australia (Day 45) my HIIT treadmill cycle stood at 6, 12, 14 and 16 km/h. I do 4 cycles at 1 minute each increments with a 2 minute (plus) hit on the fourth cycle on the 16 km/h level. However, when I was in Hong Kong a few days ago I could only do 2 cycles of 6, 12, 14 and 16 km/h before dropping back to 6, 11.5, 13.5 and 15.5 km/h.

This was because I quite simple did not keep up regular HIIT cardio during my vacation. I could rationalize and say "Well, it was the holidays, I was entitled to a lay off." However, deep down inside I know the truth. I didn't make the effort to schedule and follow-through with the cardio plan I had set for myself.

Does this mean I should beat myself up about it and give up? Of course it does! Just kidding...just seeing if you are paying attention to what I'm saying! Anyway, the point is to be truthful with yourself and swallow your pride if you have to. Today I did exactly that.

I dropped my HIIT treadmill down to 6, 11.5, 13.5 and 15.5 this evening. Not to my surprise I smashed through the cycles with relative ease. I feel energized again now knowing that I completed this cycle. I will re-up my cycle to my previous level in the next couple of days. There is nothing as empowering as setting a goal before you enter the gym and then grinding out a "win" while you're in there.

Here's the point of what I'm saying. Swallowing your pride and ego can be the smart play in certain situations. Its better to achieve a goal by dropping your intensity down a notch than it is to miss your target and get downhearted and beat yourself up.

Do you agree? If you do or don't agree leave a comment on this blog. I know there a few of you out there reading this, don't be shy, have your say, so I don't go crazy talking to myself.

Anyway, here are Day 62 pics for January 9, 2007.

Peace, AJ

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think Big!


Anonymous said...

Nice pink undies :) Just kidding. ~John from Inner Circle.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks John! That was the real point of my post. When you swallow your pride and must also wear pink underwear!
Cheers, Adam