Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day 106: Feel The Burn!


Today I went hard with Lactic Acid (LT) Training. LT training utilizes 20 second rest periods in order to maximize fat lass by forcing your muscles to increase tension.This is because your bloodstream is unable to eliminate the lactic acid accumulation in such a short period of time.

LT is great for penetrating and stimulating those deep muscle fibres through the ’shock’ effect. The end result is a more intense workout as you constantly feel the 'pump' which spurs you on even further.

This process results in a cycle of positive energy that will help transform your physique and get the rapid weight loss you desire. I highly recommend incorporating LT training into your workout routine if you are on a fat loss journey.

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think Big!


Here are Day 106: M2 Day 16 pics for February 22, 2007


Nat said...

G'day Mate,

I'm currently at week 2/12 of BFFM fatburn mission1 alternating weights and cardio (with CardioCoach love it) all's going well and feeling great!!!

Thanks for sharing I log on every day to see how your going and it spurs me on - keep it up...

Can I ask how you take the same angle fotos everyday?

Adam Waters said...

G'day mate,

You must be an Aussie! Thanks man for your message and congrats on going hard with BFFM. I look forward to seeing your pics.

I get the same angle because I have marked my floor, and tripod position with tape.

Adam Waters