Monday, April 02, 2007

Day 145: Back In Osaka...With 3 Minutes To Spare!


Phew...That was a close one! I made it onto my connecting flight from Phuket to Bangkok only 3 minutes before take-off.

Anyone who has read about my Christmas trip to Australia and Hong Kong on this blog would not be surprised. I have a bad habit of either leaving things to the last minute and/or not checking the fine print (i.e. flight times).

Would you believe I was getting fitted for a tailor made suit at 4:40 PM at my hotel (45 minutes from the airport) while my flight was leaving at 6:15 PM!

I thought my flight was leaving at 6:55 PM and I didn't realize until 5:00 PM that it was 40 minutes earlier.

I then scrambled to get an airport taxi which took 10 minutes to arrive (of course I hadn't pre-booked that either!). I paid the driver a big up-front tip and told him to "hit the gas pedal hard".

I made to Thai Airways check-in at 5:55 PM and made it through Immigration and Customs at 6:07 PM. I then ran the concourse and made it on-board at 6:12 PM, a whole 3 minutes to spare...never in doubt!

Anyway, I'm back in Osaka now. I actually just woke up after having a daytime nap (hadn't slept for 36 hours). I still feel exhausted but I did gather up enough "strength" to take my Day 145 pics. Here they are below.


P.S. Tomorrow I'll upload my action pix, it's gonna take a while to optimize them for the web as they are huge files. This is because my camera setting was inadvertently on 'Super High Quality" so they came out at 25 MB each!


Diane said...

Welcome back Adam - looking forward to seeing what's instore for your MISSION III - tell me "bulking" is part of your plan!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Diane, yeah bulking is a big part of M3!