Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 247: Quick Update Today


Today is a quick update as I really need to get a full 8 hours sleep tonight!

The last few nights I've written quite in-depth blog posts, which I really like to do because I have so many ideas and so many things to write about.

The only downside is that these posts take an average of 2 hours to write which really cuts into my sleep time. So, I'll just take a breather tonight and post my Day 247 pics which you can see below.


P.S. I had a really good workout today, I increased my rep counts for all 4 exercises. For the first time since the end of Mission 2 I'm feeling really good about my training and my progress.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Man, you just keep on transforming all the time. You read a comment about balance, you think, digest, learn, blog and then BAM the next day COMMIT to getting a full night's rest. From idea straight into action. Way to go! I read yours and now Suzette's blog nearly every day. I'm officially a fan. Where to I buy my t-shirt? :)

Adam Waters said...

Hi Christy, I am grateful you are my cyber friend! Thanks for your kind words. If I ever get a t-shirt done I'll send you a preview!


Anonymous said...

You are right in that it is a Commitment to make the right choices. If one wants to get their dream body or to even just get fit one has to commit to doing those right things to get there.
LOL, t-shirt? thanks for the support.
Adam I can tell the difference already with the change in cardio. Keep up the great work!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette,

I appreciate your support too. It really increases the accountability factor big time. I had a laugh too about the t-shirt comment. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think someone would ask me about getting t-shirts done (even if they are only joking!).


Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about the accountablity factor. Even knowing one person is "watching" your progress is push enough to want to keep striving for improvement. I am reaching my one year mark of my fitness journey (july 30) and I never imagined or even thought I'd even be where I am today(I finally hit the 50 pound lose mark) and to have found you here on the internet. Having the support from you all here on the 'net pushes me on to reach my ultimate goal of losing a total of 75 pounds(U.S.).