Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 314: Back to The Future!


A funny thing happened today, I did something I very rarely do...I actually went back and read portions of my blog!

Believe it or not I hardly ever go back to read what I wrote in the early days, especially Mission 1. It's kinda weird to tell you the truth, it's like I'm reading someone else's blog!

Anyway, there was one recent post in particular that caught my eye...my Day 230 Goals and Accountability Post for the start of M3.

In that post I stated that my goal was to achieve a six-pack by Day 290, which clearly didn't happen. My goal at the time was to finally get that "frontal six-pack" I just missed out on during M2.

However, when I started Phase 2 of Mission 3 I kinda let that six-pack goal slip into the corner of my subconscious and just proceeded with my pre-scheduled "muscle gain" program that I discussed on Day 300.

Here's The Dilemma!

In order to gain muscle you need a caloric surplus. The problem is that this is not conducive to getting a six-pack as I would need to go on a "cutting phase" which means I would have to operate on a caloric deficit to reduce my bodyfat to reveal a six-pack by Day 365.

Can you see the dilemma?

Should I honor the self-promise I originally made on Day 230 or should I just continue with my pre-planned "muscle gain" phase?

What About My "Muscle Gain" Program?

To complicate matters more I am currently making great progress on this "muscle gain" phase. My chest in particular has responded very well to the new style of training. All in all, I am currently lifting, benching and squatting more weight across the board than I ever have.

Time To Make A Decision!

However, it is time to make a decision. With only 50 days to go until the end of M3 every day is absolutely critical.

I have decided to honor my original goal. I believe that I would not be setting a good precedent for myself if I start a new goal when I haven't even achieved the goal I originally set for myself.

That's the "old Adam"! The "new Adam" will not quit until he has achieved the goals he has set for himself! (Sorry to refer to myself in the third person, I just need to get my point across).

So, starting today I will do everything within my power to make my "frontal six-pack" goal a reality by Day 365. This may cost me some muscle in the process but I am willing to accept that and just get on with hitting that visualization picture (minus the muscle) that I have dreamed about for years.

Ok, let's get this party started!

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Once I get that six-pack I will most definitely start a fair dinkum muscle gain program, in fact I just got word from an author friend of mine that he will be releasing a new "muscle gain" book very soon. I will check it out and see how it stacks up against the program I had been following recently.

P.S.S. Below are Day 314 pics for September 18, 2007: Mission 3 Phase 2 - Day 20 of 70.


Anonymous said...

Continue with your pre-planned "muscle gain" phase. That's my opinion...not that you asked for it. Your looking GREAT! But you said it "This may cost me some muscle in the process..." Your body has been on a cutting phase for a long time giving it some well deserved muscle i think would be great for later revealing that six-pack.
WWTV do?

dougal said...

Adam, hey bud, need your help, am trying to sort out blogrush (thanks by the way)but cannot see any code under "code". Am my missing somthing.

Adam Waters said...

Hi TC, I love that "WWTV do", that's awesome! Tom Venuto (TV) is amazing isn't he! He has competed at the highest levels in natural bodybuilding 27 times so maybe I should ask him!

Anyway, I was partially successful in increasing my muscle mass while I cut up for a six-pack in Missions 1 & 2 so its not all bad. I figure as long as I keep my protein intake high I can at least preserve my muscle.
I'm gonna give it my best shot!

Adam Waters

Adam Waters said...

HI dougal, did you sign up through the 4 step process? If you did you should have seen the code on the last step. Then put the code into a page element using Blogger.

Does that help?

Adam Waters