Friday, November 02, 2007

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G'day Shredders,

Just a quick post right now as I'm just about to head off to the gym for a "shred".

Anyway, I got some scanned copies of documents, certificates, ID cards and BodyFat readouts from my "previous life" that stretches back to April 2000 right up to my "current life".

Here we go!

July 2000:
Body For Life Achievement Certificate

XAX Osaka Gym ID Card

March 31, 2003:
Corporate Access ID Card

Tipness Osaka Gym ID Card

August 8, 2004:
Gold's Gym Osaka Gym ID Card

July 25, 2006:
BodPod Bodyfat Test Printout

January 30, 2007:
BodPod Bodyfat Test Printout
(Day 83 of Mission 1)

March 27, 2007:
NESTA Certified Personal Trainer Certificate

Ok, time to go now!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. I have another BodPod test from October 25, 2006 floating around my apartment somewhere! Once I find it, I'll put that one up as well.

P.S.S. See you again real soon Shredders!


Andrew said...

Hey Adam,

I'm interested to here your views on the Bodpod. I have read many articles about body fat testing and there have been quite a few studies to assess which is mot accurate and reliable. One of the most recent I saw used a group over 80 people and they compared, hydrostatic weighing (gold standard) with skin fold testing and then the Bodpod. They found that in most cases the bodpod added around 2% BF to people and in the leaner people it was sometimes as much as 3%.

Have you had any comparisons done?



Adam Waters said...

Hi Andrew, I haven't had any comparisons done against the BodPod. I am thinking about an "X-ray" bodyfat test but I am concerned about the radiation.

You may be right about the BodPod, a few people have commented that Day 83 (mission 1) looked to be at least under 10% BF.

Adam Waters

Andrew said...

What about the gold standard, hydrostatic weighing, no where near you that could do that?

Andrew said...

Hey Michael,

I will have another go...still wouldn't work so here goes

Man the changes in your pics are fantastic, keep going.

I can testify to the re-feed method. I founf it worked great with some fantastic results for about 4 weeks. Then the body started to adapt to it. So in my experience I would use it for around 4 weeks or until the results start to tail off and then switch for a couple of weeks and then go back.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care,


Adam Waters said...

Nah mate, none of those options near me (that I know of!)