Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 387: These Numbers Are Shocking!


Today I completed Day 4 of the Five Day Structural Attack (5DSA) and I have some amazing Burnout Stats to let you in on (Full report coming tomorrow).

Check it out!

Day 1: Five Day Structural Attack

I started Day 1 of 5DSA (Barbell Squats for 20 minutes straight with 3 rep sets at 30 seconds rest) at 100 KG and finishing up with 12 reps at 90KG on my Burnout Set.

Day 4: Five Day Structural Attack

I started today (Day 4) of 5DSA (Barbell Squats for 35 minutes straight with 3 rep sets at 30 seconds rest) at 120KG and finishing up with 16 reps at 80KG on my Burnout Set.

Can You See The Significance Of These Numbers?

Even though the weight increment is 10 KG lower on Day 4 I managed to get out the 16 reps on top of an additional 15 minutes of brutal Barbell Squat work!

From a pure "load" point of view I actually lifted more weight on today's Burnout Set: Day 4 "load" of 1,280 KG's (16 reps at 80KG's) as opposed to Day 1 "load" of 1,080 KG's (12 reps at 90 KG's).

As this is the first time I have ever undergone this type of intense "structural attack" training I am extremely pleased with these results, the best part is that I still have one more day to go. I am really looking forward to seeing what I can achieve tomorrow!

One Important Point:

I strongly believe that my "rest day" yesterday greatly helped with my efforts today. Even though this was a departure from the "official program" of five consecutive days I "listened" to my body yesterday and my body told me it desperately needed rest!

I'll post a comprehensive breakdown of my 5DSA stats tomorrow for the whole five days along with detailed analysis and advice on what to expect if you incorporate this training strategy into your "mass building" routine.

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are my Day 387 pics for November 30, 2007: Mission 4 - Day 12 of 125.


Michael said...

Adam, those are some great numbers. New Rules of Lifting does some interesting things with weight and reps as well. You'll notice in my training logs that when I was doing those giant sets, it was always a 20 rep burnout in the second giant set for both deadlifts and squats. Killer stuff!

Anonymous said...

Adam, do note that the training you are currently doing is not really meant for beginners, but for someone who is more experienced in muscle training (6 months +). Hope you don't mind my saying.
I am back into the gym this week and my muscles sure are "screaming" at me! I am looking forward to some changes soon!

Lilla said...

At the rate you're going Adam, Tom's feared "quad blaster" will be no more than a tickle. You'll be yawning the whole way through.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Michael, yeah Burnout Sets really do give you a lot of bang for your buck because to stimulate quads you really need both heavy sets and high volume sets due to the Type 1 & 2 muscle fibre makeup of quads.
Adam Waters

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, yeah I should probably put up a disclaimer on this site. Its not so much that this is "advanced training" its the fact that your form for "squats" should be spot on before attempting this style workout.

The reason is because form errors will be magnified due to the heavy volume of sets. This is where "beginners" may risk injury. But as long as your form is good beginners can do this type of training, the key is to be conservative in your weight selection to leave enough gas in the tank for the prescribed time.


Adam Waters said...

Haha Lilla, I wish that were true!