Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 391: Stretch Pause Training Is Fun!


Today marked the first time I have ever tried Stretch Pause Training and I gotta tell you I had a great time challenging myself on this new strategy.

Stretch Pause Training (SPT) is a tweak on the more well-known Rest-Pause Training, where you typically alternate body part specific antagonistic exercises, i.e. Barbell Bench Press and Dumbell Flyes for chest.

The twist with SPT is doing one set of 10 reps (to muscular failure), resting 20 seconds and then doing stretch accentuated reps on the "antagonistic exercise" , rest 20 seconds then finish on your original exercise doing as many partial "eccentric" reps as possible on the original weight.

The bottom line is that I got an awesome workout in tonight following SPT and I very much look forward to testing my Five Day Structural Attack Quads tomorrow on SPT!

As I continue this Phase 1: Feed The Muscle journey I'll elaborate much more on the theory behind these different training techniques AND the exact program I am following.

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. What do you think of the new placement of Mission 4 Goal Graphic? Is it too "in your face" at the top up there?!

P.S.S. Below are my Day 391 pics for December 4, 2007: Mission 4 - Day 16 of 125.


Raiden said...

Some real interesting workouts you've got on the go! Lots of interesting twists. Looking forward to seeing the big picture and how all these different exercises fit together.

As far as the placement of the M4 graphic, I don't think its too in your face. I actually think it should be more prominent as I think it is now the main focus. I would actually put it above the other graphic and maybe make that smaller? Or maybe swap the "Date with Destiny" portion with the M1-M3 pics, then below have the M1,M2,M3,M4P1,M4P2 pics all in a single row. Either way, I think it looks pretty good the way it is, so take you could just as easily leave it how it is.

Lilla said...

I like the M4 graphic where it is.

I think the RTP logo should stay on top - it's the identifier that stays constant and visitors subconsciously recognize and associate with Adam and RTP while the content underneath (daily posts) changes regularly to keep people returning.

It's hard to read the text under the pictures in the M4 graphic though. I would take out the words "author" and "creator" and increase the point size.
On the Day 431, 432, 500 text, maybe put it the big box WITH the question mark so it can be read easily? or again increase the point size.

(Yikes! The old corporate marketing geek in me has re-surfaced. I thought I left that life for Hawaii long ago.)

Michael said...

Honestly, I think it is too in your face (the M4 graphic). It sort of breaks the look of your blog. It sort of looks like you're selling something in a strange way.

I'm really interested in the details of the workouts you've been using lately. When are you gonna fill me (err...us :-)) in?

Michael said...

Another problem with the M4 graphic: Now everytime you go to read an article, instead of seeing the opening lines of the article, all that is on the screen is graphic and I have a HUGE screen set at a very high resolution, so I should be getting more of the text right away. Just my opinion.

Adam Waters said...

Thank you Raiden, Lilla and Michael for your feedback. I'm at work now and I just checked out my blog on my laptop (much smaller than my home PC screen) and was kind of shocked that I couldn't see anything other than the Top & M4 header graphics!

I have now pulled the M4 graphic from the top, I will re-work the graphic over the next few days and perhaps have a vote on which graphic & placement is best.

Once I get that sorted out I'll go full bore into the training program behind M4!


Luis Arriaza said...

Hello my name is luis and I love your idea and I appreciate that you are doing this. Congratulations on your success and I know that you will have many more..... :) I am new to your website but a want to be a part of all of this that you are creating I thing is the greatest..... :) Well I will wait for your reply and thank you for inspiriting us LUIS