Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 414: A Quick Decision


I have made a decision today. From now on, I will post my M4 Shred Daily Plan/Accountability Score at PM only because it is becoming very time consuming and it is taking focus away from the real work that must be done!

I also feel that this blog is becoming clogged up with all my training/nutrition logs. In light of this I'd also rather focus my attention on one single post for the day - not multiple semi-duplicate posts.

However, the accountability factor is still massive and I will still report back every day with my daily/cumulative accountability score.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT


Michael said...

I like your new plan because frankly, the other way was getting confusing and it was only the second day, LOL. I am personally going to post my accountability log when I post my picture at day end. Thanks for the inspiration!

Alex-HK said...

Good choice Adam, once per day is enough. One day you'll need a left hand that does all the posting and updating for you while you tell him/her from the treadmill what to write ;-)

By the way, did I see you eating basically the same since M1? Is it that difficult to buy good food in Japanese supermarkets or are you one of these guys who simply sees food as 'fuel' and doesn't care what it is taste-wise? Or are you limited by one of these famous tiny Japanese apartments and therefore lack of real kitchen and storage space? No time for more variation? This is in no way meant to be negative feedback, I am just curious.

Another thing you might want to add to one of the next few posts is your current weight/BF, and nutrition intake values (protein, carbs, fat). This would help to better understand your current position, where you are coming from, and where you are going to. It could be a simple paragraph that you simply copy and paste together with the other info below your chart every day. This would also help the people who didn't follow every day since M1 or who joined much later (such as me).

Sorry for the long comment.

Mike Groom said...

Hey Adam. Good choice! There's accountability and there's manageability :) You need to find something you are comfortable and able to keep up every day.

Cheers, Mike

Adam Waters said...

Hi Guys, yeah it was just becoming too much. I was even starting to lose track of where I was because of the multiple posting.

Hi Alex, you nailed it with your 2nd paragraph. I just eat whatever I know gets me results and also I have a very tiny fridge!

In regards to specific calorie intakes I simply don't have the time to do that every day. But if someone were interested they can go to my Day 69 Post where I do give a very detailed breakdown of caloric intake and protein/carb/fats breakdown.