Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 440: New Shredders On Board The ShredderSphere!

G'day Shredders,

Great news! The ShredderSphere now has two new Shredders!

The first Shredder added to SS is not new to shredding as he is an esteemed member of the Shredder Council and has done BFL successfully before as well!

That's right, Dougal is now on board with the ShredderSphere which is great timing as Dougal has now started his Mission 2 which you can check out on Dougal's blog.

Great to have you on board Dougal,
Shred hard my friend!

The second Shredder on board SS is Christina who is going great guns on her Modal Life Blog racking up 33 days straight of daily picture accountability.

Christina writes with great passion and in a very informative manner. Christina is also practicing accountability via videos (push up challenge) and by logging her nutrition and workout plans.

Way to go Christina! I look forward to seeing your continued success on your journey as you progress.

ShredderSphere Criteria

I touched on a certain criteria for being added to the ShredderSphere a few days ago. I believe 30 days of consecutive blogging (preferably with daily pictures) is a fair benchmark in order to set a high standard, and out of respect to our fellow Shredders who have been shredding/blogging hard for the last 3 months straight.

The bottom line is that the ShredderSphere is for people who are dedicated and passionate about transforming their physique in the shortest time possible, while also supporting and encouraging fellow Shredders via their blogs.

This 30-Day time period also gives you time to build momentum semi-privately (new bloggers are added to RTP VIP Blog Roll on request) without the added and immediate pressure of having your blog broadcast here from Day 1.

N.B. This RTP Blog was "private" for the first 42 days for this exact reason.

Day 22 of 84

Nutrition: My meal plan was spot on today.

Training: I got in a quality Fat Loss Circuit Training - Upper Body Jump Sets - workout this morning and then backed up with HIIT Cardio and abs in the afternoon.

M4 Shred:
Real-Time Accountability

Day 29 of 84

Click Here to learn more about the origin
and theory of RTP Real-Time Accountability.



Feel free to use this plan as a template that you can follow. However, this plan is is based on my own personal experience over 3 physique transformation missions. In other words, what works for me may not work for you in the same way.

Success in this game requires research, individual design, real-world testing, monitoring results and making adjustments when necessary. This is your responsibility, no one else can do it for you. However, if you'd like to research further the exact programs I have used (over my first 3 Missions) and will use for M4 Shred you can do so at the links below.

M4 Shred Components: Click each link to learn more.

1) Fat Burning: 16 Principles of BFFM: nutrition, mindset and cardio.

2) Weight Training: Metabolic Surge: 36 Day Rapid Fat Loss System.

3) Six-Pack Training: Flatten Your Abs: 7-Level Training System.


Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are Day 440 RTP Blog Daily Pictures for January 22, 2008: Mission 4 - Day 65 of 125 (M4 Shred: Day 29 of 84).

P.S.S. James has requested not be a part of SS anymore. I respect his decision and James you are welcome back anytime my friend. All the best on your journey.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Dougal! Know you will blast this mission out of the park.
Welcome aboard, Christina! Have enjoyed reading your blog. Looking forward to your ongoing success in your journey.
James, sorry to hear you are opting out of the shreddersphere. Do come back when you are ready! Am here to offer support the best I can! Do know that you CAN do it! Never give up!

Lilla said...

Yay, Dougal and Christina! Welcome onboard Shredder Express!

Debbie said...

Warm welcome to the ShredderSphere Dougal & Christina!!

James - hate to see you go. Hope you come back soon.


Rob said...

Congrats to the new shredders...
Can't wait to be joining you all.

CeeKaye said...


I am honored to be among the Shredders!! I appreciate every one of you and hope to be apart of shared success.