Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 460: 40 Days And 40 Nights...Of Super Lean Shredding!

G'day Shredders,

It's crunch time! If this sixer is gonna happen by Day 500 the work will have to be done every single one of these 40 days.

Orlando Shred Planning

I'll especially have to get the job done on my upcoming 2-week trip to Orlando. I'll have to resist the free buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners and stick 100% to my nutrition plan. Of course I'll also have to do a lot of Double Shredding as well, even if the seminar days are long.

There are no excuses, there is only a lack of commitment and planning.

In light of this 40 Day & Night Shred I have something to share with you today. As you know I am a fan (putting it mildly!) of Tom Venuto and his cutting-edge fat loss information.

Super Lean With The Super Shredder!

Call it fate (or great timing!), but for the next 3 days only (Until midnight February 13) the Super Shredder (that's Tom!) is running a special Super Lean MP3 Audio Seminar promotion for his best-selling eBook, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle.

I have already devoured the audios and transcripts from this audio series previously, but I took the time today to review this Super Lean Seminar Series and picked up a few more tips. Tom's is a "walking encyclopedia" of fat loss knowledge so sometimes it does take a few listens for his info to sink in!

Super Lean Seminar Excerpt

I am re-printing (with permission from Tom) Part 1 of an excerpt of the Super Lean Seminar (Part 2 & 3 to come soon) below to give you a first-hand taste of this Super Lean Seminar along with actionable information that you can use immediately to burn the fat.

Hint: If you haven't bought BFFM yet, now is THE perfect time, as the Super Lean MP3 Seminar Series promotion will expire on February 13.

The clock is ticking...


Super Lean Seminar Excerpt:
Part 1 - Breaking Fat Loss Plateaus

"Our first question says, “Tom, I know you often say that to get to the point to be able to see your abs, you need to get to single-digit body fat. What if I hit a plateau at about 12% body fat? What do I need to do to break the plateau and get my fat% down to single digits? Should I do more cardio, more weight-training, manipulate my diet somehow?”

ANSWER: "You could do any of the above. You could manipulate your calories, change type of cardio, add cardio duration or frequency. You could increase cardio intensity. You could change your weight-training. You shouldn’t limit yourself.

One of the problems I see with quite a few programs is that they’re too dogmatic. If you hit a plateau, the person with the most flexibility in their approach is the person who’s going to be most likely to get through that plateau.

The first thing though is to understand what a plateau really is. This is important, because if you were losing weight, but now you’re not, there’s only one thing that that could mean; you were in a calorie deficit but you’re no longer in a calorie deficit.

You may be wondering why that happens.

There are four primary reasons you hit a plateau:

1) The first reason you hit a plateau is because your metabolism decreases. While this does not completely stop fat loss, it does slow down fat loss. If you’ve been cutting calories, especially if you cut them severely, your body adapts by decreasing the metabolic rate. That’s sometimes known as the “starvation response” or “Adaptive thermogenesis.”

2) The second reason is that you need fewer calories after you lose weight. Calorie needs are directly tied into your body weight. One problem is that after people lose a lot of weight, they tend to keep eating the same way they were eating when they were heavier.

So they’re feeding a smaller person the way they were when they were a bigger person, but when you’re a smaller person, you don’t need as many calories, even at rest (your basal metabolic rate is lower).

3) A third reason is that when you move that smaller body, you’re not burning as many calories. If you strap on a weighted vest or heavy backpack and go out and hike up a hill, you can tell, obviously, that if you’re lugging around extra weight, you’re burning more calories. So now can you see why, after you lose weight, you burn fewer calories?

4) The fourth reason is that most people either cheat on their diets or they forget to record part of their food intake. This one requires a little bit of honesty with yourself. Even if you don’t do it intentionally and you don’t “cheat” per se, unconsciously, we’re all terrible at estimating how much food we eat.

Some studies have even showed underreporting calorie intake as much as 50%. In other words, you say, “I’m only eating 1,200 calories a day, but i’m stuck at a plateau!” but you’re really eating 1,800 calories a day which doesn’t give you much of a deficit.

All of these reasons for plateaus get amplified in the later stages of a diet, because biologically speaking, your body is doing everything it possibly can to get you to go off your diet and to get weight to stabilize.

After a long period of dieting and after a large weight loss, your body cranks up the appetite, stimulates cravings and tries to trick you into eating more.

The leaner you get, the longer you've been dieting and the more aggressively you cut calories, the more your body tends to defend its weight, and hold on to remaining body fat.

So it’s really common to hit that plateau when you’re dieted down and leaner. Usually it’s nowhere near as difficult for the overweight person to start losing weight as it is for the lean person to get even more lean. The last 10 lbs is usually a lot harder than the first 10.

If you think about it, it’s pretty unnatural from a biological perspective to walk around with really low single-digit body fat. It’s not beneficial from a survival-of-the-species point of view to have low body fat. So this metabolic adaptation becomes more pronounced the leaner you get.

You’re also at a higher risk of losing muscle, because extra muscle is not economical when there’s a calorie shortage. Having extra muscle is like having an engine that’s bigger than you need - It’s like a gas guzzler.

The ultimate answer to why you plateau, why that last 10 pounds is so hard to lose and why it’s hard to break into those single digits is that you were in a calorie deficit but for all of the reasons mentioned above, you’re no longer in deficit.

In tomorrow's excerpt Tom will discuss the best way to break a plateau.

Click here for my detailed Day 166 Post on my personal experience with Tom and how Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle changed my life!


Day 49 of 84

Nutrition: My meal plan was spot on today.

Training: I also did my Upper Body Fat Loss Circuit Training in the afternoon.

M4 Shred:
Real-Time Accountability

Day 49 of 84

Click Here to learn more about the origin
and theory of RTP Real-Time Accountability.



Feel free to use this plan as a template that you can follow. However, this plan is is based on my own personal experience over 3 physique transformation missions. In other words, what works for me may not work for you in the same way.

Success in this game requires research, individual design, real-world testing, monitoring results and making adjustments when necessary. This is your responsibility, no one else can do it for you. However, if you'd like to research further the exact programs I have used (over my first 3 Missions) and will use for M4 Shred you can do so at the links below.

M4 Shred Components: Click each link to learn more.

1) Fat Burning: 16 Principles of BFFM: nutrition, mindset and cardio.

2) Weight Training: Metabolic Surge: 36 Day Rapid Fat Loss System.

3) Six-Pack Training: Flatten Your Abs: 7-Level Training System.


Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are Day 460 RTP Blog Daily Pictures for February 11, 2008: Mission 4 - Day 85 of 125 (M4 Shred: Day 49 of 84).


Anonymous said...

love the article! I also love the quote "There are no excuses, there is only a lack of commitment and planning."

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Suzette, there are so many great quotes about planning for success!

Important Message for Shredders:

Google's robots have determined that this blog is a "spam blog" meaning that my blog is full of nonsensical text purely designed to trick people.

The result is that the blog is now "locked" until a human reviewer from Google checks out this blog (within 2 business days) and gives me the green light.

I'll be back posting ASAP.


Joni said...

I love this seminar from Tom - I had the mp3s from a while back but didn't get to listen to them all but now that he put out the transcripts, I can go back through it. All great info! Also, regarding my post and the shredder article, that's fine with me, anything I need to do? Let me know. See ya soon!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Joni, yeah it is a great seminar with so many great strategies for burning those last 10 pounds! There is nothing you have to do, if its ok with you I'll just copy your article and post it, with a link to your blog.

Catch ya,

Anonymous said...

hope the lock-out is over soon!

Adam Waters said...

me too! I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from not blogging for 4 whole days!

Joni said...

An excerpt from your Day 115 Post: "I am back and totally focused where I should be, that is getting 'totally ripped' by March 24, 2007 so I can kick it in Phuket with a shredded six-pack."
That is so amazing you wrote that then after your first lock out because yesterday I was just talking about being back and totally focused for the NY trip and guess what the goal day is? Mar 24, 2008. Eerie. You are psychic! Ha ha!
Hope you are back today!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Joni, yeah what a spin-out! Talk about synchronicity! Lets shred massive!

AlexHK said...

Hi Adam. What are the dates you will be in Orlando, and is there a page on that event? I have tried looking it up a few weeks ago, but I didn't find anything. I am currently in LA with my wife and we may end up visiting the convention if it is interesting.

Man, I tell you, America is the ultimate test. Free donuts, cookies, coffees, cinnamon rolls, and junk food places every where. I am now staying in a Homestead (Extended Stay) with a kitchen in the room, just as suggested by Tom Venuto in his travel document. Unfortunately the place where I will be flying in Florida doesn't have that kind of hotel nearby. I am trying to get a condo for a couple of weeks though, that should solve the problem hopefully.

All the best on your trip! And hopefully these machines at Google soon come to their senses.


Lilla said...

I didn't realize we could still post comments during the lockdown. Miss you! It's a ghost town over here. It feels like you're in jail and we have limited visitation rights. LOL. No fair. :(
Looking forward to your grand return!!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Alex, great to hear from you mate. I'll be in Orlando from Feb 22 to Mar 3 (fly out Mar 4). The seminar is from Feb 23 to Feb 29 and there is a page about it here:

Would be great to catch up with you if you come, definitely let me know man! Thanks for the tip about food, I'll definitely have to resist the temptations while I'm there and I'm planning my nutrition plan now, but I'll have to also see what is on offer at the seminar (I think brekkie & lunch is included). Good luck with getting a decent hotel!


Adam Waters said...

G'day Lilla, yeah it is a ghost town around here! There is so much going on right now but I don't feel connected to anyone like this. I can't wait to get back into blogging (but my training has been going well).

See you soon,

Veronica aka Miss Pinky said...

Hi Adam! Thanks for motivating me with yr comments on my blog. Day 2 is going well...

How come it's taking so many days for the human reviewer to check out yr blog??? I think he's too engrossed in reading yr blog that he forgot to give you the green light! :P

dougal said...

What the heck is going on..I love miss pinky...yeah the "human" will probably end up becoming a shredder. Adam we all know you are shredding furiously and truth be told it's probably a welcome break for you not to blog every day.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Veronica, haha, I hope so! Will be great to have you on board soon! Shred on to Day 3!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Dougal, thanks man! in a way you are right but the longer this goes on the more work I'll have to do to catch up! Shred on brother!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Shredders,

It has now been 5 days since the lock-out begun so just as a matter of record I'll post below the email (very hard to find an address!) I sent to Google (Blogger) just now.


Hi, my name is Adam Waters and I run the RTP Blog specified above. On February 11, 2008 Google's bots locked me out of posting as it flagged as a spam blog.

To date I have made 470 original, unique posts since November 8, 2008 documenting a real-time physique transformation journey with daily picture updates. I am a real person who has been featured on Japanese Network TV, I currently have over 1.3 million YouTube views relating to my RTP Blog, along with 1,800 comments from real people on this blog. In short, this is not a "spam blog", this is real life.

I understand that the "flagging" process is automated and no human is responsible but it has been 5 days now and my blog is still locked and its getting a little embarrassing for me.

This also happened one year ago in February 2007 where my blog was flagged and then re-opened 4 days later after the human review. I am requesting a human review as soon as possible and that my blog please be put on a "safe list" as I feel I have proven over the last 465 days that this blog is not spam.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Thank you,
Adam Waters

P.S. I love Blogger and I'm very grateful that it is free. I just want to get back to blogging.


We'll see what happens from here...


P.S. Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.

Lilla said...

I'm going to start a "FREE ADAM WATERS" campaign.

Debbie said...

This is going on way too long. Reminds me of the cops giving someone a ticket for jay walking while the store down the street is getting robbed.

Where are the priorities?


Anonymous said...

WTH! This blogger lock-out is a shame and I hope that this situation is going to be ended by human review! I support you Adam (and nice tripe in NY^^)
Nicolas (bob...)

Anonymous said...

adam is there an email address we can access to send to them to say that we want you un-locked? if you could put up here, everyone who reads your blog could email them and then they will hopefully notice that we want your blog back! if they get hundreds of email concerning your blog, maybe they will take notice. i tried to find blogger email and couldn't find...maybe i don't know where to look.

AlexHK said...

Adam, you could try posting on the Googlegroups about this, sometimes this does wonders:

Adam Waters said...

Go Lilla!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Debbie, yeah it doesn't fill me with confidence about their flagging system. Imagine if this happenned during ECSS!

If I don't get a response soon I'll have to look at alternatives like WP. However, it would be hard to walk away from this blog as I've calculated about 1000 hours has gone into building it.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, they don't actually have an email address, just a submission form that only relates to your own blog. Thanks for your suggestion though!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Alex, thanks for the tip mate, I just tried that. We'll see what happens...

Joni said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe this has gone on for so long what is the deal? Those google people need to get it together!! I am in withdraw.... :) i know you are still working hard though, can't wait to talk again! FREE ADAM!!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Joni, I feel it too! I am now seriously considering my options both short and long term regarding this blog.

On the short term I have another blog set up on Blogger that I will activate tomorrow if this blog is not unlocked by then. For the long term I will give serious consideration to starting another blog probably on Wordpress.

The only thing stopping me now is time. Blogging is secondary to my training and nutrition and I will not allow this to distract from my current focus as this Mission 4/ECSS has been a long time in the making. I have also invested over 1000 hours into this blog and transporting it to another blog will take a lot of work (at least 50 hours to replicate) so if I do decide to pull the trigger it will be well after Day 500.

Thanks for your support Joni,

Anonymous said...

Adam, we are with you wherever you take this blog. whether you stay here or take it elsewhere, we are with you no matter what!

Jeremy said...

Hi Adam,

I just wanted to thank you for leaving such an unexpected and warm hearted message on my blog the other day. It came as such a surprise and was very much appreciated !

You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others, especially to those belonging to the sheddersphere, which, by the way, I am very excited to join !

I look forward to our continued acquaintance and good luck on accomplishing your M4 goals. I'm sure you'll rock !


Mishka said...

Adam, wanted to check in to see if your blog had been unlocked yet. Bump your thread on the group so I can get someone on it if if hasn't been, okay?