Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 2 Pics: I Can Feel It!

Day 2 of 84

Status - Round 1: Phase 1: Day 2


Oooh yeah, I can feel it alright! The muscle soreness has already kicked in from yesterday's workout. You hear guys talk about muscle memory - the concept that your muscles remember how to perform certain exercises - however the only thing my muscles can remember is pain!

Of course from a bodybuilder's perspective this is actually a good thing as it means that I have successfully stimulated my muscle fibres to defend itself from this perceived attack. This process of microscopically damaging muscle fibres - along with solid nutrition and rest - is what actually causes your muscles to grow.

Today I completed Phase 1: Day 2 of my 12 week program. This is essentially part 2 of the "Fat Loss Circuit Training" I did yesterday. I targeted 4 muscle groups - shoulders, triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings - while doing 40 seconds of intense cardio during my rest periods.

Nutrition wise, today was also a low-carb day. I have consumed only 30 grams of carbs today along with 175 grams of high quality protein. On top of this I also drank about 12 glasses of water, very important in any bodybuilding program.

Here are Day 2 pics for November 9, 2006. See you tomorrow. Peace, AJ


Anonymous said...

Something doesn't make sense here...

Your belly is far smaller on day 2 when compared with day 1. Are you sure about this day 2 pic? It looks more like a week 4 or 5 pic.

Adam Waters said...

Yes, I'm sure. As sure as I am sitting here typing this. The difference in this pic is I am trying to suck in my gut. I am entitled to do that.

Also check the post date below, that is absolute proof.

Adam Waters

Christopher said...

I think you're sticking your gut out on day 1 since it's GONE on day 2. Sure, it makes for a better before and after, but I think it's unrealistic to exaggerate your gut like that.

Not taking away from your cool accomplishment, but Day 1 to Day 2 is probably more discouraging to fellow shredders than Day 2 to Today, since some of us actually have to work that gut off before we can hope to see dimples at the sides of where our six pack is going to be. You go from convex and no dimples to dimples and no belly in 1 day.

I think the deception actually hurts your message, which is awesome. Even adding the fake tan is tricky and exaggerates your muscle tone. But distending your belly on day 1 to make it look like fat and then not doing that for the rest of the time is misleading.

Anyway, Day 2+ is still pretty damn cool.

Adam Waters said...

Lighten up mate, you obviously have a problem with Day 1 to Day 2 (despite of 388 straight days of documentation since then) I get that.

My advice is to start your own blog and take your Day 1 picture by sucking in your gut if it means that much to you, then one year from now you'll feel better because I won't be able to accuse you of "decpetion".

Adam Waters

Christopher said...

If I could get away with deception, I'd be all for it! That's what us mates don't have that the women have. Push up bras, makeup that turns them from 5s into 9s. Clothes and stockings and shoes that distort them into nice little statues.

Don't get me wrong, I think your progress is amazing. You've clearly found a method that is truly a body for life, not just a body for a little while, and while you might be most impressed with that last little bit of weight that makes your abs pop, I think your biggest accomplishment is dropping the gut and the rest of Mission 1. It's much harder when you're fat, tired, cranky, and your metabolism is on the floor versus when you are in shape, can work out for an hour and not feel like dying, and are fine tuning instead of trying to turn the train around.

The best part of your message is the public accountability, and I just found that out myself. I'm in a competition with a long distance friend and we're dropping weight and being accountable to each other. It makes it much more difficult to slack off, give up, or change your goals mid way through.

So kudos for taking that message public and being an inspiration and a mentor. Day 1 to 2 isn't that big of a deal, I'm just cranky and pushing through a plateau. You probably know how that feels. :c)

Adam Waters said...

Hi Christopher, thanks for your cooment today mate. I have been under a lot of self-imposed stress too lately and I have heard your original comment before heaps of times so I apologize if I came off curt.

I gotta go to the gym now, but I'll write a better reply later. I wish you the best for your transformation.