Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 23 Pics: Dealing With Energy Vampires

Day 23 of 84

Status - Round 2: Phase 3: Day 4


Today was another intense weight training workout. The type of routine I did today is called a "Pre-Exhaust Superset Full Body Workout." A superset is two exercises done back to back with no rest in between.

The Pre-Exhaust superset is focused on the same muscle group, with two different exercises. The pre-exhaust set is the first one, it targets a a smaller area of the muscle (eg. dumbell flyes for chest). The second exercise targets the whole muscle group (eg. barbell bench press for chest).

This type of workout is quite intense and is perfect for stimulating muscle growth as the second set is done to failure. The no rest between exercises also introduces a cardio type component which keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the workout.

Today I will talk about energy vampires and their effect on you emotionally. The truth is when undertaking a physique transformation it is more than just working out in the gym. Gym time is only a fraction (about 3%) of the total time in your day. You really have to account and focus in on the other 23 hours.

This includes nutrition, getting enough rest and also programming your mind (subconscious) for success. An often understated element is blocking out negativity form usually well-meaning family, friends and colleagues who may feel threatened by your new-found vigor.

TIP: When undertaking a massive physique change in a short period of time (12 weeks) it can be a lonely game. For my own sanity I only tell a select few like-minded friends. This is because of the doubters, skeptics and energy vampires who will inevitably sap your will with their own negativity that they project onto you.

WARNING: Your family could in fact be the biggest source of negativity when you attempt to make big changes in your life, especially in regards to something as "pie in the sky" like a physique challenge. "Yeah right Jimmy, you've been out of shape for the last 10 years, so you gonna get six-pack now are ya? Good luck mate, you'll need it!." These are the type of comments you can expect from your loved ones. How do I know this? Well these are the same kind of comments I got when I did my first challenge.

On the FLIP SIDE, it is great to get unsolicited positive feedback from friends and family who are noticing changes in your physique. Sometimes we are so close to our goal it hard to be objective about our progress. Sure we can do body fat measurements and all the rest of it but nothing beats honest positive feedback from an outside observer for a real world perspective about how we are doing.

The IRONY here is that those loved ones who may have been your biggest skeptics if you had told them of your plans at the beginning may turn out to be your biggest cheerleaders when they notice your physique transforming. I actually got positive feedback today from a friend who said I am looking much better. I thanked him and then thought to myself...just wait until you see the next 9 weeks!

In a nutshell, I believe you should be extremely selective about who you tell your physique transformation goals to at the start of your program. My advice: get some tangible results first and then let the bandwagon jumpers get on board later on.

I trust that these insights can help you with your transformation goals.

Here are Day 23 pics for November 30,2006.

Peace, AJ

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