Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day 4 Pics: A Great Day At The "Office"

Day 4 of 84

Status- Round 1: Phase 1: Day 4

G'day Physique Fans,

Today was a sensational day at the "office." Today I hit my body up with with a totally new form of weight training called "Lactic Acid Training." This is a form of high volume training with only 20 seconds rest between sets.

"Lactic Acid Training" is designed to penetrate deep into your muscle fibres by not giving your muscles enough time to recuperate - i.e. eliminate lactic waste - between sets. The result is a continual "pump" and an increase of tension in your muscles.

I did four bodyparts, 8 sets each on chest and back, and 5 sets each on biceps and calves. The strategy is to do at least 30 reps on your first set with a weight you can handle stopping just before muscular failure. Then perform additional sets with only 20 seconds rest.

I finished up with my usual "Core Combo", 3 sets of abs targeting upper, lower and obliques, 2 lower back exercises and 2 rotator cuff exercises. The "Core Combo" is designed to stengthen your core while preventing injury in these often undertrained areas.

Just for good measure I also did 5 minutes of H.I.I.T on the treadmill alternating between 30 second rest and work intervals. The sensation I felt when I finished my workout was unique. Sure I felt hammered but my body also had a buzz from this new style of workout.

My nutrition plan today was a continuation of "Low-Carb." Only one more day to go before I switch over to two "Single Nutrient" days in order to prevent adaption and keep my metabolism revved up.

Here are the pics from Day 4, November 11, 2006.

See you tomorrow, AJ

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