Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day 26 Pics: Fat Loss Is Simple!

Day 26 of 84

Status - Round 3: Phase 1: Day 2


Today was another intense session of "Fat Loss Circuit Training." Today I did 8 sets each of shoulders, biceps, quads and hamstrings. I got a real burn in my hamstrings doing a different kind of leg curl.

It is a reversible leg extension machine that forces you to push down instead of curling up like the lying leg curl. I totally recommend this type of machine for hammies if you have access to it. It'll give a different sensation and as you know we must always stay one step ahead so our body doesn't adapt to a stale routine.

My nutrition plan is back to low-carb for this 5 day phase. I limit my carb intake to 30 grams a day eating only salads and fibrous vegetables while avoiding all pasta, bread and rice dishes.

At day 26 I am happy with my progress, however I really want to step it up now as I want to get that six-pack before I finish these 12 weeks. Fortunately I have worked up my cardio capacity to such a high level now that I can expend a lot more energy during my HIIT.

Fat loss is actually a very simple concept - create a caloric deficit while speeding up/maintaining your metabolism. Of course in practice it is not that easy, simple yes, easy no. The greater your cardio capacity the harder you can push yourself till you hit the magical "tipping point" where the fat literally melts off. I know I am close, just gotta keep it movin' along.

Here are Day 26 pics for December 3, 2006.

Peace, AJ

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