Monday, January 15, 2007

Day 68 Pics: Version 2.0 Is Coming Soon...

12 Week Fat Loss Challenge

Start: November 8, 2006
Finish: January 31, 2007

Day 68 of 84

Status: Round 7: Phase 2: Day 3


A super short post today. I've been burning the midnight oil trying to get version 2.0 of my blog set-up. I have a few more things to work out before it can go live.

As you may have noticed there are a couple of changes to my sidebar. Anyway, if you like what you see now, wait till you see what's coming next! I have some cool ideas to make this blog even more interactive.

Here are Day 68 pics for January 15, 2007

Peace, AJ


Josh said...

Continually impressive.Nice Abs.How many days a week do you do Abs?


Adam Waters said...

Is that THE Josh? If it is, great to hear from you mate. How is San Fran? I remember the last time you came over here I was thinking even then, "man I gotta into shape and stay in shape like Josh does"

Anyway mate, the ab routine I follow is an eBook that is in the links section (on right hand side). I do between 3 &4 days a week.

Cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Yeah man. I hope to visit there this summer, so we''l have a catch-up. I'll check out your AB section. I think you have fully surpassed anything I ever was.


Josh said...

Yeah man. I told you i'd keep an eye out on you. I think i'll be out your way in the summer. We will see.

I'll check out the Ab section.

Adam Waters said...

Cheers mate, I look forward to catching up in Summer. I remember when we first met we were both in great shape.

I always admired how you were able in stay in great on the other hand...well you saw what happenned. I completely lost the plot.

Cheers, mate