Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 103: The Magic Of Human Touch


The human touch is an amazing thing. Today I had my first massage in 103 days and don't I feel better. To be specific I had a foot reflexology massage. This style is very intense as each part of your foot relates to a specific organ of your body. If you have never had one before you can really open up a can of worms!

Why a foot massage? Well, my feet have taken an absolute pounding over the last 103 days. They have run 210 kilometres at high speed, skipped for 40 hours, cycled for 50 kilometres and swam for 15 kilometres.

To say they were in need of some TLC is a understatement! The bonus is that my calf muscles were included in the treatment. My calves have taken an equal hammering and it felt great to get them some relief as well.

I am going to make massage a weekly appointment. Next time I'll try a hand massage, should be interesting as my hands are usually pretty sensitive to reflexology.

What do you think? Is getting a massage purely a luxury or is it a necessary component of optimal health and well-being? I am definitely of the opinion that it is the latter.

To quote one of my mentors, Randy Gage, he said if everyone on planet Earth got a massage once a week there would be no more war. I agree with Randy.

Anyway, today I went hard with ‘Fat Loss Circuit Training’. I did chest, back, biceps & calves with my ‘rest’ period being 40 seconds of skipping. It was tough, but I still feel great now, 6 hours after my workout.

Training hard in the morning really does juice the rest of your day!

Below are Day 103: M2 Day 13 pics for February 19, 2007.


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