Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day 108: Just Chillin'


Just chillin' today, only my second rest day in the last 18 days since I started M2.

I'll do something different today, my first product review! Don't worry I'm not gonna pitch any supplements, I have said previously that 99% of supplements are a joke and I'm not about to change my tune.

My review is of a new camera I bought recently. It is the Olympus SP-50 which is a 'prosumer' point & shoot digital camera. This thing works like a dream compared to my previous camera. It is an easy to understand menu system and heaps of advanced functions that 'power users' will love.

As I take pictures daily it is important that my pictures are consistent in quality and lighting. Well, if you go back to the start of M2 and look at the pictures you'll see a marked difference in the quality at Day 102. This is due to my new Olympus.

If you are in the market for a 'point & shoot' digital camera I highly recommend it.


Here are Day 108: M2 Day 18 pics for February 24, 2007

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