Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day 109: I Am A Fruit Loop!


Yes, its true! I am a fruit loop, I have been eating fruit all day and as you can see it is having quite an affect on me. Check out my fruit basket below. This is what ¥4000 ($40) of fruit will get you in Japan.

To some people, eating fruit all day would be weird considering I am trying to gain muscle and lose bodyfat. What about the protein you say?

Well, Day 39 Adam will explain...

These rest days are actually just as important as the work days. Resting allows your body to recover and grow. Remember this, your muscles only grow outside the gym. Working out with weights actually causes micro-trauma to your muscles.

You know the soreness you feel the next day following a workout? Thats because you have inflicted microscopic damage on your muscles.

Your muscles then respond by calling in the cavalary (protein) to grow stronger to defeat this force attacking it. Think of nutrition as a crucial supply line in a war zone.

That is how critical it is that you eat early, eat right and eat clean after a gruelling workout.

Coupled with your nutrition, rest is equally important. This means taking regular scheduled days off from training (once or twice a week) and getting enough sleep (7-8 hours a night).

It is during these rest periods that your muscles actually grow.

My nutrition plan today consisted of all fruit, all day. Thats right, NO PROTEIN! How can this be? Well thats a topic for another day but suffice to say you must continually shock and surprise your body and metabolism. As I said yesterday stagnation equals no progress.

Your body will always strive to adapt to whatever you throw at it, you must overcome this by not only mixing up your workout routines but also your nutrition plan.

I'll be honest with you, this all fruit day concept is way beyond my knowledge of human bio-mechanics, I honestly do not understand why it works. The guy who designed this meal plan, Nick Nilsson, knows better than anyone why and how it works.

If you want to know the full story about Nick's program helps me lose fat AND gain muscle check out Day 74: Nick Nilsson's Power Surge.


Here are Day 109: M2 Day 19 pics for February 25, 2007


Diane said...

Hi Mr. Powerhouse, noticed the increase of muscle mass and wanted to know if you took measurements on day 1 of mission 2, and how often will you share the "tale of the tape"?
Keep moving friend!

Adam Waters said...

Hi DD,

Would you believe that I forgot to measure myself on Day 1 of Mission 2! I only thought of it now since you told me.

I will do it tonight and probably use the measurements I took on Day 84 as a general guide.

Thanks for reminding me!