Monday, February 26, 2007

Day 110: Time To Get Serious


Today I took my training up a notch, it is now time to 'cut up' big time. I have been waiting for this day since I started M2. The last 20 days have been about building muscle with little attention paid to cardio. Thus, the reason why you haven't seen much change in my six-pack is because I had not yet implemented hardcore cardio.

Well, now it is time to enter my 'pre-cutting phase' which consists of almost daily doses of Hybrid Cardio, my self-designed system HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) cardio system.

This pre-cutting phase will last for the next 16 days. I will be doing a lot of 'double headers' of weight training and cardio on the same day.

The reason why I have waited till now is because if you go to hard on cardio before your deadline you will lose muscle. It is all about timing and purpose. It also helps to have gone through this type of experience before, for me it was 2 months ago leading up to Day 84.

I am deadly serious about hitting my goal of 5% body-fat, it will be a dream come true to have a totally ripped midsection. This will be the culmination of 17 weeks of hard training, strict dieting and visualization.

I must get some sleep now...


Here are Day 110: M2 Day 20 pics for February 26, 2007


Anonymous said...

hello :)
good to see the change in your attitude to work harder! since nothing in life comes easy w/o hard work...may i ask you though how intense is your cardio workout and how long is the duration of your HIIT session?
Hope to hear you soon and good luck for the next 16 grueling days!

Adam Waters said...


Thanks for your comment. For the next 16 days is will be mostly HIIT cardio combo of 2 different exercises at 12 mins each. Then for the last 10 days it will be mostly stedy state cardio double sessions at 45 mins each.