Monday, February 26, 2007

Day 111: No Turning Back Now!


It's official! My plane ticket for Phuket is booked and paid for. However, if I don't reach my goal of 5% body-fat I won't be going! I'm serious, I will forfeit the money I paid for the air ticket if I don't reach my goal by March 24, 2007.

I'm doing it this way because I have to, there is no way I could book a trip to Phuket with 2 days notice, the airlines usally fill up early in late March because it is school holidays in Japan at that time.

I'm also doing it this way to increase the intensity of my weight-training, cardio and nutrition as I enter the 'pre-cutting phase' of my 46 day fat loss mission. Trust me, I really want to go to Phuket and chill out as it has been a hectic 16 weeks. But I can only go if I reach my goal, as simple as that.

In keeping with this theme today I did a high intensity weight-training workout. One word...brutal! That was today's Muscle Rounds workout which focused on quads, hammies, shoulder & triceps. The most tortuous is my squat routine for quads where I did my personal best of 120 kg's.

Keep in mind this routine is 6 'mini-sets' of 120 kg's with 10 seconds rest between sets...three times. I also did a personal best for lunges (24 kg's) and triceps (17.5 kg's) for Muscle Rounds.

I am taking a rest from cardio tonight as it is not wise to do HIIT cardio on the same day a brutal leg workout because my kind of cardio is heavy on legs. If I overdo it on leg days I may overtrain them and set myself backwards.


Here are Day 111: M2 Day 21 pics for February 27, 2007

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