Sunday, March 04, 2007

Day 115: I'm Back...Google Lock Down Over!


A great day! A 'Google Human' reviewed my blog and verified that I am 'fair dinkum' (Aussie slang for straight-up). Here is what happenned!

On Day 112 post Google (which owns Blogger) has locked me out of posting on my blog. It seems my Real time Physique Blog had been flagged by Google’s ‘robot algorithms’ for some reason.

This is what I was met with when I tried to post on Day 113.

Their help page said sometimes their ‘bots’ get it wrong so a ‘Google human’ reviewer would take take a look at my site sometime within 2 business to verify that it is not an automated submission blog full of useless information.

Actually, the reason I think Google’s bots didn’t like my blog is because I have posted almost daily for the last 116 days since November 8, 2006. Posting this often may have raised a red flag, but just so you know, every single post has been my own thoughts, struggles and feelings as I have progressed through my journey. Nothing has been copied or pasted from any other site that I run.

Put simply, every post is unique and from my heart.

A Special Thank You!

I really want to thank all the people who went to my blog making comments on my Day 112 post during the lock-down. These comments let the Google reveiwer know that my blog is for real as there were real people making real comments.

I really appreciate all of you for taking the time to do that, it really means a lot to me. Also, thanks Kelly, for starting the Free Adam Advocates, that really made my day!

Before I sign off I have to real honest. My workouts did suffer during the lock down. I was too focused on getting my blog back than working out hard. As you can see from my pics below I still have a lot of work to do to get a shredded six-pack before M2 is over.

However, everything is cool now. I am back and totally focused where I should be, that is getting 'totally ripped' by March 24, 2007 so I can kick it in Phuket with a shredded six-pack.

Nothing is gonna stop me now!


Here are Day 115 pics for M2 Day 25 March 3, 2007


Anonymous said...

Finally! So glad you're back.
It's been so long haha.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks mate, feels awesome just to be able to post again!