Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 184: RTP VIP Coming Very Soon...


Today has been an extremely hectic day. I won't bore you with all the details, suffice to say that I will be launching RTP VIP a little later than I originally planned (9:00 AM US Central time, May 11, 2007). However, I guarantee you that RTP VIP will be ready to go within the hour.

To all the people who have already tried downloading the special report from my "advance link" please do not worry about missing out. Just to be perfectly clear, I have set no restrictions (yet) on the amount of charter subscribers that will be accepted into RTP VIP.

Stay tuned...



figtab said...

Hey Adam, You said with in the hour? Its been over an hour any big hold up?

Adam Waters said...

G'day mate,

Just uploading it now. Shouldn't be too long.


P.S. You wouldn't believe what hapenned 3 hours ago. The report was stored on my other computer (laptop) and it decided not to communicate with my primary computer (A heap of .Mac conflicts). Anyway, all is fine now.

Kristiina said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed... veeeery exciting.

I hope there are no more hickups and all will be fine... you must be exhusted, it's waaay past midnight!!

All the best!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Kristiina,

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me! It worked, RTP VIP is now online.