Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 183: RTP VIP Launch - 24 Hour Countdown


That's right! Only 24 hours to go until the RTP VIP Newsletter launches at 9:00 AM US Central Time on May 11, 2007.

Today I will talk about how this idea originated and why I think it is unique among all the "fat loss newsletters" out there in cyberspace.

It all started with a brainwave I had while I was in Phuket celebrating my sccessful Mission 2 goal of getting a six-pack (and getting it confirmed by having a public vote!).

While answering one of 20 or so emails I get daily from people all over the world who have seen my physique transformation through my blog and videos I had a brain-wave!

What if I started a service where you get the chance ask your most burning questions about fat loss and physique transformation?
Better still, what if we could help many more people by publishing the questions and answers in a FREE interactive newsletter?

Well, I am pleased to is now only 24 hours now until I introduce the RTP VIP Newsletter.

What RTP VIP Is...

Each edition I will publish this newsletter in a Q&A format with extremely detailed answers to your questions. You can throw any question you like at me.

You can ask me anything about cardio, weight training, nutrition, mind power and I will tap into my reservoir of 7 years of physique transformation experience (and my personal trainer qualifications) to deliver you the cutting-edge advice you need to get the results you are seeking.

What RTP VIP Is Not...

This newsletter is NOT a thinly veiled disguise to grab your email address and pitch you on weight loss gimmicks, fad diets, or any “miracle” powders, pills and shakes. If you are not convinced of this just read through every daily post on my blog and see how often I have pitched gimmicks, supplements or fad diets. I’ll save you the suspense right now...the answer is never.

However, I do realize that skepticism is at an all-time high on the Internet these days. Promises are made and broken all the time by newsletter publishers who start off publishing decent content only to become driven solely by the dollar, at the expense of their subscribers.
I have been on the receiving end of this myself so I know how you feel.

The bottom line is that your email address is an asset in the hands of large “list” owners. They are constantly doing a cost/benefit analysis of how much they can pitch you without losing you as a subscriber.

A Special Bonus Report For Subscribing

In light of this I would like to give you an exclusive bonus report as a gesture of good faith. That’s right, if you sign up to become a charter subscriber to the RTP VIP Newsletter I will deliver you a special report in PDF format titled My Biggest Secret.

See yesterday's post for a screenshot of the cover of My Biggest Secret.

Until tomorrow...


Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

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