Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Urgent Request For A Photoshop Pro!


I have an urgent request for anyone who is proficient in Adobe Photoshop! As I have mentioned before I create all the graphics on this blog myself, but the thing I want to do now is a little beyond my skill level!

I have created a new header (seen below) and I know how to upload it, but the problem I am having is trying to figure out a way to make each "header link" (like "Home", "About" etc.) clickable so that each link goes to a separate blog post. I know I have to use "slices" but I just can't get it to work!

If you (or someone you know) knows how to do this I would very much appreciate your help.

Below is the graphic I am talking about:



internet-consultant said...

give me a shout at my personal email address:

I will get you all taken care of. No charge.

internet-consultant said...

Your request is completed.
Email me for the code. No modification to the picture is necessary. We will be creating 'hotspots' not 'slices' :)

James said...

Hi, the easiest way to do it is an IMAGE MAP you can look up this name on google, maybe you'll find a simple and easy tutorial, or I could do it for you if you wish, you would have to send me the urls for each word/link.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Gary, thanks so much mate! I'll email you now.

Hi James, thank you too for your offer and advice man, how is your program coming along?


James said...

Here're two link to create image maps yourself:
whichever you prefer.

As for my program, I'm doing preparation now and have planned to start on 1st october with level1 of metabolic surge, after I heal a wound at one feet which annoy me for cardio and after I improve my nutrition skills which were totally non existant before I downloaded BFFM.