Friday, October 12, 2007

Day 335 Video: Inside Story Of Japanese TV Filming In My House (Part 2)


On NHK Channel 2, Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 11:00PM the TV Show NHK@Human will air a profile on my 7 year fat loss journey.

We filmed segments in my house and at the gym where I work out 6 days a week. More details of how this all came about and the reason why I could not lift much weight during the shoot in this video.

Adam Waters


Alex said...

Hi Adam, this is amazing news. I just found your blog a couple of days ago and didn't even have time to "process" all your info yet, and you are already on TV. I just sent the TV info to my wife who is in Japan right now, hope a recording will show up on the internet eventually. Keep up the good work, you are for sure great motivation for me!

Andrew said...

Hi Adam,

Well breakfast finished and video watched. What a week man I hope you are as pleased as you look, TV film crews RTP merchandise what's next...well I've already hinted on that previously.

Some more videos discussing your workout sessions and nutrition plan would be fantastic. This is what I have been doing in my blog. I know that this is what has worked for you but it is easy to get meal plans, workout sessions of the net but not ones that you can see people using and getting great results from. So I think this would be really valuable, certainly to me and also to thousands of others.

I will focus with you I got off to a blistering start with my goal and last week it slowed right down so I need to get it going again, I gotta get to week 5 and be ahead of schedule rather than behind or on track.

Take care,


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I think maybe I've seen a photo with you in those pink pants on this blog. :-) Feeling very flushed from my victory with egging you on re: t-shirts, I have another suggestion. Before the video airs would you also consider, putting a form up for you to get people to apply for personal training services or an initial consultation? Just collect the names and numbers of people just in case. After all, unlike the net this airing in your back yard. You did get your certification already. And when you get your first crop of 12 dedicated clients, maybe start a test group of people (who pay you what will be a very cheap price considering how famous you will be),who will later provide testimonials for your future infomercial or DVD available from this site and through affiliates. Wait. That's like four suggestions. Remember, the last part of the slogan is Think Big. Get ready to quit your day job. ;-) Okay, that's a lot to think about. But for starters, just put up the form specifically for those interested in applying for your personal training service.

Alex said...

That's a good idea of Christy. I'd be one of your first 12 test candidates for the personal training group (I am nowadays 71kg at 18% bodyfat "thanks" to a year of almost daily cardio). I'd even come and stay in Japan for a while.

Let me take the Think BIG a bit further:

Since you like Phuket you should open a gym over there. But not a normal one, one that actually has training programs and stuff teaching what you and Tom Venuto and the other great guys already preach over the Internet today. Your clients would not be the typical Thai or local person, but the guys who also buy these eBooks and read the blogs on the internet (people like me and plenty of others).

If you are a serious person you could get a quick start by signing up for one of your programs (say 14 days introduction and crash course), which will also put you at a great holiday destination, in the mids of a good environment with healthy food, and away from the daily stress and worries. A perfect time to find yourself and define what you really want to be in your life.

Thailand can be affordable for all kind of people, especially Phuket that has what both the backpacker and the high-end tourist wants. And it's definitely a good location choice when your potential clients are all over the world.

You wouldn't have to quite your job and nothing, I am sure a project over say a summer would show if this is going to work or not, and they must have a gym in Phuket, or a large hotel with a large gym, and a team of voluntary people (like me :P) that organizes things around you could be setup in a couple of weeks. I mean who doesn't want to spend time in Phuket while getting in shape? Count me in if that's ever going to happen ;-)

Alex *shuts up now going back to his corner of the room*