Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 344: Something Has Gotta Give...


As M3 Judgment Day fast approaches I have had to make a tough decision.

Due to time constraints I have decided to temporarily shut down the RTP VIP Q&A component, 24 hours from now.

Tom And TV Traffic

In the wake of the "traffic explosion" from Tom Venuto's Blog and the Japanese TV special I still have a massive backlog of emails and messages to get through.

As I long ago made a pledge to reply personally to everyone who takes the time to contact me I plan to uphold this self-promise at the expense of future RTP VIP Questions.

*If your submitted question still hasn't been answered please be patient, I am working through them as fast as I can!

A Very Congested Daily Schedule Suddenly Became Impossible To Manage

The reason why I have decided to temporarily shut down RTP VIP Q&A is a simple one...time!

As you may know I still have a full-time job that requires my full commitment from 8:30 to 4:30 every day.

When I factor in my training, nutrition, blogging and daily pictures into my daily schedule this takes up another 6 to 8 hours.

On top of this I spend anywhere between 1 to 2 hours answering questions from RTP VIP members. Recently that time commitment has trebled!

I Don' Wanna Burn Out...Again

Something has gotta give...if I don't address this now I'll completely burn out due to lack of rest and recovery before I even hit Day 365 (I only had 3 hours sleep last night). Just take a look at my "7 Year Journey" pictures to see what burnout did to me back in 2000.

My primary focus for the next 21 days has gotta be the final shred for M3, this really is my "bread and butter" and the reason this blog can exist and continue to be relevant.

If I don't get continually practice what I preach and get the job done in regards to mindset, training, nutrition and rest nobody is going to want my advice anyway!

Therefore I will shut down RTP VIP Q&A 24 hours from now. I will however open it back up after Mission 3 is complete.

The Good News!

The good news is that the response to my RTP Coaching Expression Of Interest Survey has been nothing short of amazing. I never realized there were that many people who would be interested in an RTP Coaching Program!

Believe it or not what you have seen, read and watched on this blog in the last 344 days is just a tiny fraction of what the RTP Coaching Program will offer you in terms of rapid-fire physique transformation.

I guarantee you will be shocked when I unveil the true scale of this program and the concept RTP Coaching is built on. I have shown this concept to a couple of well-known people in the fitness industry and even they are excited!

Stay tuned to this blog for more details on the RTP Online Physique Transformation Coaching Program...

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. While the RTP Coaching Program will be a paid service you can rest assured that the contents of this blog (over 300 posts) will always remain intact and free to access.

P.S.S. How did a video that I have not released yet get watched by 5 million people? Tune in tomorrow to find out the bizzare answer!

P.S.S.S. Below are Day 344 pics for October 18, 2007: Mission 3 Phase 2 - Day 49 of 70


Jeff McBride said...

Most of us are out of shape because we have not made the total commitment to fitness. Putting a hold on responses is a great idea. You are, once again, leading by example. It's your dedication to your goals that inspired us all in the first place. (I assure you it was not your promise to reply to our questions.) If you disappeared into a temple to train for 3 months without any contact, our support for you would not waiver. Do not ever feel guilty about taking care of yourself.

Jeff McAdamfan
(By the Way, don't reply to this, get sleep instead.)

jickJAPAN said...

Hi im jick

now i try to read your blog all
but, so many pages and in english
it very hard to Japanese

i litle undestand circuit training
cardio and weight with no rest.

about weght, what do i do

Barbell Bent-Over Rows
or Seated Cable Rows
Flat Barbell or Dumbell
Bench Press Calf Raises or
Seated Calf Raises

Adam Waters said...

Hi Jeff,

I couldn't help myself mate! Your comments always get me fired up and also help me reflect.

Adam Waters

Adam Waters said...

Hi Jick, the exercises you mentioned target different areas of the same muscle groups (chest, back and calves). Do you have any training books in Japanese?

Adam Waters