Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 356: RTP Group Shred, Day 7 - One Week Down!

14-Day RTP Group Shred Challenge

October 26, 2007 to November 8, 2007

Day 7 of 14: November 1, 2007

Shredder Agreement:
Daily accountability pictures/blogs for 14 consecutive days.

Shredder Count:

RTP Blog Shredders : 4
VIP Blog Shredders: 10

Completion Prizes:

Access To RTP Store for 24 hours on Nov 9, 2007 at "cost price".

Free eBook Download of 84 Days, my real-time account of Mission 1


G'day Shredders,

Seven days down! Congratulations Shredders!

You have Eaten Clean, Shredded Hard, Thought Big AND documented your progress through the Accountability Trifecta: Daily RTP Links, Daily Pictures and Daily Blog Posts.

In light of our achievements in pulling this Group Shred off together (at the last minute!) I thought today would be a good time to reflect on our journeys' over the last 7 days.

What has surprised you the most so far?

What are your own personal milestones so far?

What victories have you posted so far?

What challenges have you faced and overcome so far?

Please feel free to describe your thoughts as vividly as possible in the comments section and continue the discussion on your own blogs...I will be there too!

P.S. Normal programming will resume tomorrow...Part 2 of the RTP:GS Daily Video Series - Progressive Discipline.

P.S.S. I had an extremely busy day today with shredding, working and a few other things but I'll be back in top-gear tomorrow!

Joni's Blog

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are my Day 356 pics for October 30, 2007: Mission 3 Phase 2 - Day 61 of 70 (RTP Group Shred - Day 5 0f 14)


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Without reason, explanation, or even hedging my bets. I'll put it out there and say with full knowledge of the meaning of the words, my biggest surprise and success on this mission is the discovering that I love you all very much.

Michael said...

Christy, that's such a sweet thing for you to say. The fact is I never thought I'd spend so much time thinking about people I've never met before and yet you are all constantly on my mind. I make the time to read everyone's blog and I am loving commenting on every single blog daily. I look forward to reading the comments on my blog and all the others as well. One day we need to have an in-person meeting of the Shredder Council!


Anonymous said...

Michael and Christy, my sentiments exactly! It is absolutely amazing the bond that has been shown between everyone. Michael it is true for me too that I do think about you all throughout the day and especially during my workout...this is what propels me to actually get my workout in even at 10:30 pm. this is the accountability that Adam talks so much about.
i think a pesonal milestone for me would be to get those 10 "full" (non-sissy) pushups and now working on more.
victories posted so far would be getting that workout in even when i don't really want to especially at 10:30pm
the challenges would have to be not letting life issues keep me from doing what i know is the right and best thing for me to do. using that life issue as a motivation to get it done and push the intensity. eating healthy is a constant challenge that i feel i overcome daily. just as joni mentioned in a previous post is the challenge of making the right choices when no one is watching.
i am sure no one really thought the measure of what this "challenge" would do for us...the accountability factor, the level of encouragement, the whole mindset i think has changed for most of us.
well, i've taken up enough space...can't wait to hear other thoughts.

B said...

I just think its great, great great what we are doing. Whats going to happen on day 15.
Well of course we will all continue and we have to means to check up on everyone and spur them along and congratulate them on their achievements.

Miriam said...

Sorry to say that this challenge is really challenging. I fell of track with my diet and exercise right about the time we started day 1. It may be that I became less demanding of myself as I became part of the group mission. In life I tent to give responsibility and duties to others, relax myself and watch things happen. Everyday I take a picture and did not do the proper nutrition and exercise. This challenge is opening my eyes and making it evident to me how despicable this behavior really is.

Sammy said...

Hey miriam, don't beat yourself up over it. Just pick up from where you left off and give it your best shot. Ever since this thing started, I've fallen off a few times too, but I picked myself up with even more determination.

I'm really thankful for this group, firstly to Adam and all those who drop comments in my blog, give me motivation and give me faith in what I'm doing.

Thanks guys, I'm glad to have met all of you!

Andrew said...

Hey Adam,

No time to post my thoughts up yesterday as a rare night out occurred!

What has surprised me most, apart from the support and dedication of all the fellow shredders and comments posted by them would be the lack of comments from other people. I think I have only seen a couple between everyones posts. What are your thoughts on this were you expecting more comments? It's not that I want a pat on the back from everyone but I thought more people would have there own thoughts and points of view on this event?

I think however the thing that has surprised me most is how much I have enjoyed sharing in all your victories and encouraging you all through the comments on your blogs and the entries on mine. One of the reasons I started my blog was the hope that it may help others to achieve what they wanted.

I think this whole experience has been amazing and I have made some great new friends along the way and I hope that we stay acquinted for a long time to come.

Adam, many thanks,

Take care,