Sunday, November 04, 2007

Day 361: RTP Group Shred, Day 10 - My Camera Destroyed & Shredder Council News

14-Day RTP Group Shred Challenge

October 26, 2007 to November 8, 2007

Day 10 of 14: November 4, 2007

Shredder Agreement:
Daily accountability pictures/blogs for 14 consecutive days.

Shredder Count:

RTP Blog Shredders : 4
VIP Blog Shredders: 10

Completion Prizes:

Access To RTP Store for 24 hours on Nov 9, 2007 at "cost price".

Free eBook Download of 84 Days, my real-time account of Mission 1


G'day Shredders,

Today is a very sad day. My trusty Olympus Camera that has been with me since Mission 2 has taken it's last photo.

As I was walking to my doorway after setting up my camera I inadvertently tapped the leg of my tripod and it (with camera attached) came crashing down.

I'll have to get busy tomorrow and get a new camera because I only have 4 days left until the finish of Mission 3.

P.S. In light of this "tragedy" I don't have any pictures up today.

P.S.S. This was the camera that I used in the NHK TV shoot...very sad.

RTP Group Shred Video: Day 10
Exciting Times Ahead: Shredder Council Future

Inside this video you will discover...

  1. Council Accountability: How the Shredder Council will continue to be held accountable...daily!
  2. Details of GS:2: When the next Group Shred may take place and for how long.
  3. Council Leadership: Why the Council will be role models for the new Shredders and how you can lead the way on GS:2.
  4. Exciting News: A leak of what's to come in tomorrow's video (it's Big!)
P.S. None of these ideas are cast in stone. I'd love hear your feedback in the comment's section and your ideas too!

Bec's Blog

Joni's Blog

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT


Sammy said...

Hey adam! Man, I'm sorry to hear about your camera mate. Hope you get a good deal on your new one.



Raiden said...

I had a similar incident happen to me very early on, Day 8 of my mission actually. I take my pictures first thing in the morning and am usually a little groggy. That day I managed to whack my camera off the counter that I had set it on. It had been through a lot, I've had it since 2001. I didn't miss a day though since I just grabbed my girlfriends which I've been using since. It really blows though watching someting you know to be delicate electronics go crashing to the ground...Hope you pick up a nice replacement!

Joni said...

Hey Adam,
Sorry to hear about the trusty camera, you've been through so much together....I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I liked all of those ideas you had in the video. I will definately be continuing my shred on after this 14 day span so it would be great to continue to have the accountability and support that this mission has brought for me. Also, the start of the next one would be pretty good - I will just be beginning my 10 day recharge after the first 36 of MS so I probably wouldn't start until Dec 10, the planned beginning of my phase 2 but if it was 28 days that would be good so I could catch up. I think the 28 days is a good length of time as well because, like you said, you don't want it to be too intimidating. I also LOVE the idea of having "mini-councils" under each of us because you are right, keeping up with everyone would be quite a chore - it is already pretty time consuming just for the ones of us now, and I also think that by having others looking up to you it holds you even more accountable to "practice what you preach" like you said the other day in your video. So everything sounds good and can't wait to hear what else you have in store for us in that cliffhanger of a video... :)

Anonymous said...

Adam, Great things are going to happen with this group shred. the first thing that popped into mind regarding the next group shred so as not to overload you and the shredder council is to limit the number of participants to let's say 10, anymore than that and it wil be very hard to keep up on everyone plus check up on the original shredders as our time is limited with our daily obligations. plus i feel having a smaller group makes it more intimate. just my first thoughts. will think about it some more and post thoughts later.

Lilla said...

Great ideas in today's vid! Can't wait to get in on it "officially." In the meantime, I'm still shredding alongside you "pioneers" on this mission. Off to the gym! ;D

Love, Lilla

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Yippee!:-) wonderful news, I'm estatic!! Sorry about your camera; then next one will be better in functions and cost!
Excellent ideas abut the nav bar - PRESSURE!!, but def. positive ones.
Dec 3 for another 28 day run sounds good.
I think the limit for the next shred mission shouldn't be more than 2-3 new shredders per shredder council member. I still want to have enough time to check in on the shredder council blogs.
Ok best!

Coffeetalk said...

Adam, I like your ideas. Once we've got the 48 days of shredding under our belt, maybe we can replace our 14 day pics with day 48 since then I'm sure we'll all show significant impovement. I see you're picking 28 days from Dec 3rd. That's one way to keep everyone focused during the holiday season! I'm so pleased and honored to be a part of this group.


P.S. So sorry to hear about your camera!!

Sammy said...

Hey Adam, I totally dig those ideas! I like the one with our Day 14 pics at our blog links and I'm excited there's a GS 2 as well. But oh boy, it's 28 days, now this one needs some careful planning.

Last but never least, I'm glad I jumped in with two feet.

B said...

I will do anything to keep this going. But it sounds like alot of work for you Adam. You're very generous to give us this much time as it is and I for one very much appreciate it as I'm sure the rest do as well.
Bummer about the camera. That happened to mine as well. I fiddled with lens that wouldn't go in or out and got it working again but the pictures weren't as good.

Michael said...


First, sorry about your camera. I had my MP3 player that accompanies me to the gym daily go bad today. I'm bummed and already ordered a replacement.

I love the ideas you listed in the video. Count me in for sure. I'm obviously planning 86 more shred days for this first mission of mine. My second mission will likely be 80 days (so that combined, Missions 1 and 2 will equal 180 days or about 6 months time). Everyone is doing such an awesome job!


Miriam said...

Hello Adam,

I am really glad that you are planning to continue with the shred for the next two months. The second Shred is perfect for my BFL 12 week program which M1 ends on January 05, 2008. I would like to be of assistance in hosting other RTP Shredders. Blogging is new to me so I still need to get use to it. I would like my pic in your blog only if there is noticeable improvement. I am not sure if I want to go public this soon.
Thanks again,

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Adam I'm sorry to hear about your camera. I hope you find a suitable replacement. That camera was part of my FAVORITE piece of your Japanese TV debut and was witness to all your transformations. Major bummer. At least it will live forever in your video clip. :)

The short version. I'm in. No matter what.

When I first saw this video I panicked. But now, I'm feeling like I can take some of the "positive pressure," of doing this with even more visibility. Because with that pressure comes INCREDIBLE SUPPORT. So I can do it with a little help from my Shredder Council friends. Boy we will be on the straight and narrow for the holidays. Wow. That'll be something.

I dig on Suzette's and Diane's suggestion to limit the amount of people per council. I'm liking the 2-3 especially and/or maybe some kind of buddy system among the Certified Shredders to lighten the load. (How could I not do this next mission if Suzette's doing it. I'm ALWAYS with Suzette, lol )

I'm also digging on the switching the Day 1 to 14 photos to Day 1 to 48 like Debbie suggested. Because it will keep us really accountable in the "in between" time. Plus, like Miriam, I'm not sure that my Day 1 and Day 14 photos are gonna show a big improvement, but I feel the nature of my success goes beyond the photos. Having that be up here where everybody is gonna judge them based on a different criteria well, I have a very vulnerable/I'm scared kinda feeling about that.

But I'm in. No matter what.

Andrew said...

Hey Adam,

Great vid, another cliffhanger at the end so I am guessing you went off on another tangent!! Bad news about the camera but always look on the bright side you are bound to get a fantastic new one even better for probably less than you paid for that. Keep it safe for sentimental reasons!!

I have got loads of comments on this one!! Great idea for sure keeping things going. Firtly though can you give me your definition of a shred. I interprete it as generally the final push, adding in an extra 10% so you are working over your max? So this said it is at such high intensity that it cannot be kept up for too long? That's my take on it.

With this is mind is 28 days too long expecially for people new to this? Just a question, I don't know the answer. Also I know there is never a good time to enter into a physique transformation but to start it over Christmas could be a little harsh.

On a personal note my own challenge finishes the end of November but I will continue to push to reach my ultimate goal of 10% BF by Christmas but then I plan to have a rest and enjoy the celebrations with family and firends. Now this is not going to be to the extreme by any means but I think it is very important to have some down time and kick back especially over the holidays and give your body a good week to recover and enjoy a few treats. Fully reacharge the batteries as it were.

So to wrap up I would either do another 14 day shred starting on the 3rd Dec OR if you don't think 28 days is too long then start on the 7th Jan. New year, new habits, new starts. Fully recharged for an amazing start. What better way to break into the new year with starting a new body tranformation!!

I am certainly up for "looking after" a few shredders also.

Sorry to go on today!!

Take care,


Adam Waters said...

Thank you very much for your feedback Shredders, sorry I haven't replied individually to each comment (today was another hectic shredding day!) but I'll address your comments and feedback in the Day 11 video.

Adam Waters

Coffeetalk said...

I think the holidays are a good time to have a shred. If reward meal(s) are incorporated, there's no reason that whatever holiday(s) are being celebrated could not be accommodated.

Some may choose not to shred at this time because of the difficulty and others will welcome it as a relief from the temptations and the normal 5-10 lb gain during this time.

One option is to have a shred in December, take a few days off and then start another one. I like Andrew's idea of an early January shred too.

Also, 14 days is a short time and 28 days may work better as far as seeing noticeable results. As Andrew says, maybe you could define the definition of Shred.


Raiden said...

My personal plan was to do a 4 week carb cycling, increased intensity shred that ended on Dec 15th, but I may delay/extend (start later, end later) that a week to more coincide with the Group Shred. The Christmas Holidays really are a time of temptation, but a good time that most people are going to have with less work, and more time with friends and family.

I do plan on doing my best to get my exercises in over the week from 22nd into the new year, but it's a lot harder to schedule when visiting and traveling. That week might actually be a better time to put on some muscle. Think more weights, less cardio, more turkey, less gravy.