Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 363: RTP Group Shred, Day 12 - New Camera...

14-Day RTP Group Shred Challenge

October 26, 2007 to November 8, 2007

Day 12 of 14: November 6, 2007

Shredder Agreement:
Daily accountability pictures/blogs for 14 consecutive days.

Shredder Count:

RTP Blog Shredders : 4
VIP Blog Shredders: 10

Completion Prizes:

Access To RTP Store for 24 hours on Nov 9, 2007 at "cost price".

Free eBook Download of 84 Days, my real-time account of Mission 1


G'day Shredders,

I'll have be real quick today because it's waaayyy past my bedtime!

I've been working overtime trying to to get a better resolution on my pictures but to no avail. I'm not sure if it is me or the camera, but the pictures are quite dark. This is despite the camera being a 7 MegaPixel which is very close to my previous camera's specs.

P.S. I got some big Shredder Council news tomorrow, stay tuned!

Joni's Blog

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are my Day 363 pics for November 6, 2007: Mission 3 Phase 2 - Day 68 of 70 (RTP Group Shred - Day 12 0f 14)


Suzette said...

Adam, it looks like you might need to change your "daylight" settings on your camera. i don't think it has anything to do with the pixel count. what camera did you end up getting? maybe someone can be of assitance with your settings or something. i'd be willing to "look into" whatever issue you might be having. i am somewhat of a photo enthusiast and would be willing to help in whatever way i can with that.
i also wanted to comment that Josh is doing really well. i can see definite changes in your physique! keep up the intensity!
i try to get to everyone's blog daily but don't always make comments, but wanted you all to know i am still checking up on you all. everyone is making great progress. it doesn't always show in our pictures but i know we are all changing not just physically but also on the inside, too!
I also wanted to "tip my hat" to Kristiina, who is not part of the rtp group shred, but who has done tremendously on the Metabolic Surge program and has stuck with it now for 130 days! posting nearly daily her progress over this time. Way to go Kristiina! (find her in Adam's VIP BLOG ROLL lower down in the nav. bar. hers is the first one)

Josh said...

Thank you Suzette! Will definately keep the intensity going! :)

I also don't always have the time to post comments, but I am checking in on you all every day. Like Suzette says, we're not only changing physically, but also in the inside too. Everyone is doing exceptionally well, and I'm proud to be a part of this with you all!

Sammy said...

Yeah I'm really sorry Josh, everytime I meant to post comments about how you're improving but I get distracted but Adam's video ideas and yeah end up somewhere else.

You really are doing great! I have been seeing changes since around 5-6 days ago, good on ya!

Hey Adam, you're arms are getting larger as well. R u still on MS?

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Adam - are you turning grey on us?:-) is this the side effects of a shredder "lol" Continuing to pop and that is a good thing.

Alex Anselmo said...

Hi, Adam! Are you using your camera flash? I suggest try not to use it and use the Aperture priority set to 2.8 and also try changing the white balance settings to "flourescent" or "cloudy" for a more bright picture. Look also for its ISO settings, it could have been set lower than 100. 200 is much favorable for night indoor shots. Hope this helps.


Alex Anselmo said...

You may just have to pose for a little extra seconds for a non-blurry shot though.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Suzette for your camera tips. I actually got another new camera today! Nice hat-tip to Josh, he is going for it.

Also Kristiina, I also tip my hat to you for getting the job done and following through now for 130 days. Kristiina is a role model for people who wanna change their life through this accountability process.

Adam Waters

Adam Waters said...

Hi Sammy, yeah mate, basically still on MS with a couple of tweaks (been a year now!). However, I will be switching to a "real" muscle gain program for Mission 4 very soon (stay tuned).

I wouldn't recommend people stay on an exercise program for that long BUT there is so much variation within MS for exercise and nutrition that prevents your body from adapting (at least in my case).

Adam Waters

Adam Waters said...

Haha Diane, yeah I did turn grey today! I got a new camera now so I'll hopefully get better pics tonight.

Catch ya!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Alex, I'm learning more about this camera and you gave me really good advice mate. Are you a camera buff?