Saturday, December 08, 2007

Day 395: New Video - 6 Months In 66 Seconds: The New Doctrine

G'day Shredders,

I have something a little different today. 12 hours ago I started work on a new video titled 6 Months In 66 Seconds: The New Doctrine.

I made this video specifically for the 66 Seconds Internet Video Maven Contest being conducted by Rich Schefren. The deadline for submission was one hour ago, and I made it just in time!

6 Months In 66 Seconds: The New Doctrine

Copyright Information:
Song: Bulls On Parade
Band: Rage Against The Machine
Album: Evil Empire
Label: Epic Records

The Attention Age Doctrine: Part 2

As I don't do any paid advertising to attract visitors to this blog I am always keeping a keen eye on what the Marketing Mavens like Rich have to say about marketing and promotion online.

In fact, Rich has written a free report titled the Attention Age Doctrine: Part 2 which you can download at this link: Attention Age Doctrine: Part 2

I highly recommend this report to my fellow Shredders if you are interested in learning more about the New Rules For The New World.

There are a lot of cool strategies that you can implement after reading the report, thereby increasing visitors to your blog which will in turn increase the accountability factor for you to follow through on your physique transformation goals!

A Public Vote Will Determine The Winner!

From what I understand there will be a live public vote on the videos that have been submitted for the contest so if you think this video is worthy of your vote you can vote for it at over the next few days.

One More Thing...

If I do happen to win this contest the accountability factor for me and you (my fellow Shredders) is going to explode literally overnight due to the massive reach and popularity of Rich's blog!

Shredder Council Update:

Tomorrow is your Weekly Judgment Day. Please have your weekly pics in by 2:00PM RTP Time on Sunday December 9, 2007. I'll also be discussing some exciting new developments regarding a possible East Coast Shredder Summit in tomorrow's video!

I also want to say a special thank you Michael for the excellent advice you gave Nick in the Day 393 Blog Post. You really do know your stuff Mike! I will reply to the additional questions on that post tomorrow (sorry for the delay).

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. I got my old camera back from Olympus this evening. I am happy to report that the camera is working fine (I used it for today's pics). Hopefully from now my pictures will be more consistent and I'll get the job done in 5 minutes instead of 1 hour every night!

P.S.S. Below are my Day 395 pics for December 8, 2007: Mission 4 - Day 20 of 125. How different are the colours on these pics!


Nick said...

Hey Adam, no need to apologise for taking your time, enjoy your weekend! And thanks so much for your ideas Michael!

Just after writing my original post I decided to take a page out of Adams book, and attack the problem head on positively rather than indulge in negative depression.

I agree with your conclusion about my protein Michael, so I’m markedly increasing it. For example yesterday I ate 145g of protein, and today I’m set for about 130g. I’ve managed to do this without exceeding my 900-1100 daily calories, by eating about 3 chicken breasts over a day.

In answer to Michaels query, I regularly step up my cardio, usually on a weekly basis. E.g. over the last 3 weeks I’ve extended my run by 10 minutes each week and pushed the speed from 9.0 to 9.3km/h. Your also correct in suggesting my gym work out is virtually all cardio (except some of the rowing). Can you elaborate on why it’s a bad thing to do this too often?

I do my weight training at home with free weights, every other day usually. I do a range of weights and motions, usually reps of 10, repeated with 30-90 second breaks between. I increase the weight as it becomes less challenging, but that hasn’t happened in 5-6 weeks! Probably because of the cardio and low protein.

So I’ve turned that negative depression into positive anticipation/excitement, as I can’t weight to see what my upper body muscle looks like next Thursday when I photograph it compared to 2 weeks ago!

Love the new M4 graphic btw Adam! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on all this!


Adam Waters said...

Way to go Nick, how you perceive a problem will greatly determine your solution. As the Chinese are fond of saying, Danger = Opportunity

Anyway, to be more specific! Upping your protein to at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight is the right move (I go for 1.25 to 1.5) but your overall caloric intake still seems very small. Are you sure you are not operating on a greater than 500 cal deficit? If you are you may trigger a "metabolic slowdown" which is not good news.

Sounds like your weight training is similar to "Fat Loss Circuit Training" which is good for fat loss. However, too much cardio is detrimental to muscle growth usually. But as always monitor your results and adjust when necessary.

Keep us updated on your progress Nick and if you start a blog let me know and I'll put in the Blog Roll.


Luis said...

Hey Adam Nice video I wish the best of luck.....:)as soon as I can I will vote for you.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Luis, did you notice your blog in the RTP VIP Blogroll? Shred on brother!

Michael said...

Nick, as Adam stated, too much cardio will be detrimental to muscle growth. I found one interesting artlce here about the topic. Basically, it isn't really helping you to do more than 60 minutes of cardio a day. Have you read Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle? Tom Venuto discusses this topic in that book. If you don't have it, I highly suggest getting a copy. It is the fat loss bible!

As for weight training, make sure that you are challenging yourself in some way at every workout. You will either up the weight if possible or add at least 1 rep. Thus, if you are benching 200 pounds for 3 sets and 10 reps, next time you need to do at least 200 pounds for 3 sets and 11 reps. Always push yourself in that way and you'll see results.

Michael said...

Nick, one other you do your cardio before or after your weight training? If before, make sure you have at least 8 hours between the cardio and the weight workouts. You need glycogen for your weight workouts!

Anonymous said...

Adam, I have downloaded the doctrine part 2. have yet to read it. can't vote on videos that i can see, yet.
glad you got you "old" camera working. the color is much different! there is lots of "red" in photo with fixed camera. the other "new" camera color looks much "yellow". Which one is truer to your skin color? color balance in digital camera is so different depending on each camera (and user preference). the "new" camera appeared to be using the color balance based on your lighting in your apartment.
either way, you looking good!

Adam Waters said...

Thank you Lilla!

Adam Waters said...

Very good advice again Michael. Thank you for taking the time to write such informative posts.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, yeah I actually think the color of Day 376 style is much closer to my real color. The only problem with that camera was it was never consistent with color or focus.

The Day 395 camera is consistent with pictures which is what is the most important thing to me now as it was taking way too long with the old camera!