Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Day 425 Video: Why Eating 100% Clean Can Backfire On You

G'day Shredders,

In this video I discuss why I'll be shredding twice daily for 8 days in each 12-Day training cycle over the next 75 days. I also reveal why eating totally "clean" for an extended period of time (eg 24 days straight) can backfire on you, as it has done to me.

My "dark side" of 100% clean eating experience (for an extended period of time) may help you avoid going into "berserks mode"when you finish your current shred mission.


P.S. This video was originally recorded on Day 425.


Rob said...


Thanks so much. I was wondering when or even if I should have a free meal but after listning to your video I think I'm going to take your advise and have one every 12 days.

Rod said...

Hey Adam ... another awesome video my friend. Sounds like there are some exciting things in the pipeline. Can't wait to hear more ...

You are so right with the need to have a free meal. I think it is important not just for your mindset but also for your body. When you are eating extremely clean on lower calories it helps to have those free meals to kick the metabolism along, let the body know that there is plenty of food and no famine.

Personally I like the approach of Precision Nutrition which is to have a 90% compliance rule to eating lean. This really works for me as you can get great results with this level of compliane, and you still have free meals available to enjoy life and help you keep your mindset in check.

Keep up the great work and inspiration my friend.

Rod - Downunder its hot here dude ... two more days of 40c in Melbourne!

Anonymous said...

very interesting. My problem is i eat too many cheat meals. ;(

a note for one of rtp readers,Jeff Mcbride, could you leave the info about your blender on my blog comments? thanks.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Rob, yeah mate I would definitely have a cheat meal. Actually there are physiological reasons as well as psychological as to why it is a good thing. The question then is how much? and how often?

Adam Waters said...

Hi Rod, the complete opposite here mate, its freezing over in Japan now (especially in the morning)!
The 5compliance rule sound a lot like what I have heard Tom Venuto discuss which I think is a great plan. If you take 6 meals a day over 7 days that equals 42 meals. Therefore 90% compliance means you must get right 38 meals over the week.

Keep up the great work Rod and congratulations on your 14 week results, not long to go now mate.


Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette! and hi Jeff. How is it going Jeff? I trust everything is going well for you mate.


Jeff McBride said...

Hey Adam, Yep I'm training hard for your visit. I'm still laughing at myself over the skipping vs. jump rope. [grin]. I was a bit slow but I responded to Suzette. Just a quick note on how exciting it has been to discover the blogs of the Shreddersphere. There are a bunch of sincere, generous, delightful people out there you have attracted. Well done.

Jeff McAdamfan