Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 428: Plan B Cardio...Always Be Prepared!

G'day Shredders,

What a small world it is! I just found out yesterday that some of my fellow Shredders are either from Florida or have lived there before!

I have a ton of questions for my fellow Floridan Shredders that I posted in yesterday's comment section. My questions are mostly about the weather in February as well as advice for shredding in Orlando. I would love to hear back from you!

Shredder Council Message:

Tomorrow is the penultimate day for weekly accountability pics! How time flies! Could you please have your "merged" pics to me by 2:00PM RTP Time Friday, January 11, 2007.

ShredderSphere News Video Update:

Yesterday I discussed an upcoming ShredderSphere News Video which I have been planning for a while now. I am unable to complete it today because the time required to make and edit this video is far beyond what I have available right now.

However, I have a better idea! I will make this video series a permanent fixture on Shredder Sunday (when I have much more time) and I'll also ask you for ideas and submissions for each edition.

Then, with your permission I'll broadcast it on YouTube (to 750 subscribers) for maximum exposure (and accountability!) for your blogs and challenges. Does that sound like a plan!? Please let me know what you think in today's comment section.

Day 17 of 84

Nutrition: Today was a "perfect" day on my nutrition plan. I am really feeling "in the zone" with my nutrition plan now (which I have to be!)

Training: I got in my Lactic Acid Training session early this morning and it felt great. I am really starting to enjoy morning training again. The main reason is that I like getting to the gym when it is still dark and it is just me in there. My gym is like a cold dungeon where I'm free to shred as hard as possible without risk of disturbing anyone else.

The Benefits Of Steady State Skipping

I backed up this session with Steady State cardio in the afternoon. I had originally planned to run 5km on the treadmill but it was occupied when I arrived (there is only one treadmill). I quickly switched to "Plan B" cardio which was skipping.

Hint: It is a great idea to carry a skipping rope with you at all times because you never know when it may come in handy, and therefore enable you to get in a shred where you otherwise may have missed out.

Creating A High Intensity Skipping Routine

Skipping has recently been a staple of my SS cardio sessions. I enjoy it because there are so many variations you can do to turn up the intensity. I typically cycle through 6 "mini-sets" of one minute each doing: single foot, switch foot, heel & toe and double jump.

The benefits of skipping as it relates to cardiovascular health have long been known, however don't underestimate the power of skipping as a regular staple of your cardio diet. I always work up a great sweat by the 4th cycle and burn quite a few calories in the process.

M4 Shred:
Real-Time Accountability

Day 17 of 84

Click Here to learn more about the origin
and theory of RTP Real-Time Accountability.



Feel free to use this plan as a template that you can follow. However, this plan is is based on my own personal experience over 3 physique transformation missions. In other words, what works for me may not work for you in the same way.

Success in this game requires research, individual design, real-world testing, monitoring results and making adjustments when necessary. This is your responsibility, no one else can do it for you. However, if you'd like to research further the exact programs I have used (over my first 3 Missions) and will use for M4 Shred you can do so at the links below.

M4 Shred Components: Click each link to learn more.

1) Fat Burning: 16 Principles of BFFM: nutrition, mindset and cardio.

2) Weight Training: Metabolic Surge: 36 Day Rapid Fat Loss System.

3) Six-Pack Training: Flatten Your Abs: 7-Level Training System.


Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are Day 428 RTP Blog Daily Pictures for January 10, 2008: Mission 4 - Day 53 of 125 (M4 Shred: Day 17 of 84).


Joni said...

Putting together the video and putting it up on YouTube sounds good to me - the more accountability the better! As far as Florida goes, I've never lived there but I have visited a lot and it is still pretty warm in the winter months since it is far enough south. Not hot but at least spring-like and possibly even warmer since it has been unseasonably warm here on the east coast this winter. Anyway, I'll send you my pic soon and talk to you later on!

Tigerlilly said...

Hi Adam.. I have a question for you. How many days a week, if any, do you NOT do cardio?? I know that rest days are important, especially when dealing with weights... but is cardio easy enough to do everyday? Or should I be scheduling in rest days for that too?

As for Florida in February.. I dont really remember it getting to be freezing cold. I think the highs right now are in the 60's and 70*F. As for shredding down there... depending on where you will be staying.. there is always a boardwalk that runs along the beach. Fantastic for running. Of course, sprinting in the sand is just as good of a workout!

Marbella said...

Hi Adam,
What fun! Florida in February. And all those malls! Count me in for whatever new accountability that you can dream up. Since am on a roll now, all´s fine with me.
BTW, I bought a new jump rope with heavy handles (don´t know why tho), but am not very good at skipping. Anybody know where I can take skipping lessons? You are right...bigtime cardio.

Jeff McBride said...

Greetings Adam,

I think you'll get a kick out of this. Based on a previous post, I tried a weight session and "skipped" between sets. Yep, skipped like a little girl right there in the gym. I said to myself "if Adam can skip, so can I, and I don't care what people think." Well, I wasn't man enough to keep skipping around the gym and stopped. Now I realize you didn't mean "skipping", you meant "skipping rope!" Wow, I sure could've saved myself a bit of embarrassment but at least I got noticed. Thanks for clearing that up.

I live in Florida and Feb weather is unpredictable but you won't have to pack winter gear. I'll be in Orlando with my wife and kids the same weekend you are there! I sent you an email with more detail. There are lots of places to shred in Orlando. You need to project out what exact workouts you will be on during that time, and I can find a facility that matches and is close by. The important thing is to stay on target for Tom Venuto! Hopefully there is some RTP fan from Orlando and we can combine forces. You are going to have a great time and you won't miss a single workout or proper meal if we have anything to do about it.

Jeff McReadytohelp

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Jeff! I totally thought the same thing when Adam said skipping. Like this whole time I thought, "Wow. He really isn't afraid to just skip through the gym." I literally was laughing when I realized what he's been talking about is what I call, "jump roping." This whole time I had this image of Adam skipping through the aisles of dumb bells at the gym with all these people staring at him as he prepares his weights and sets them on the floor. Yes, SKIPPING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. OMG, why do I find that so funny.

The thing about Florida is that you need a sweater for the air condition inside sometimes. I've never owned a pair of long johns in my life, and never had a heavy jacket until I moved to California. I'll read the yesterday's comments, but it sounds like Jeff's got you covered. Jeff I used to work at the Barnes and Noble when I went to UCF in college (I helped open the store. We had one of the first Starbucks in Orlando.) I think its Colonial Plaza on University. It was a while ago. My ex-boyfriend's parents live in Winter Park and my brother's in Sanford. Small world, huh.

I'm cool with Shredder Sunday and the Youtube thing.

Lilla said...

Haha - That's so funny! Skipping around the weight room!

YES to Sunday Video and YouTube.

Jeff McBride said...

To Lynda,
I remember not being able to skip rope well. I started with the standard two footed skip, hop, hop, skip, hop, hop, skip. I worked up from 5 skips to 25, to 50 then 100. Then I did single hops, then alternate foot and then started going for time instead of counting. After a few weeks I was very comfortable trying new steps, different ropes and pushing harder. Now I could skip rope in a boxing gym and look like I belonged. The other good thing about skipping rope is that once you have the rhythm, if you take a break, you don't have to start over. The body remembers and you can pick up the skill almost right where you left off. As you said, it is a phenomenal cardio workout and I encourage you to go for it even without a lesson.

Jeff McAdamfan

Jeff McBride said...

Christy and Lilla, After trying 'skipping', I thought Adam might be on to something because it really was tiring. But I had never seen anyone else do it... ever. I kept picturing Adam skipping really hard with a fierce grimace on his face. A look that says "yeah, so what, I'm skipping... what are you going to do about it?" LOL. I just could not pull off that look. Too funny.

Christy, if your brother is in Sanford he probably knows Orlando really well. Ask if he'd be willing to make recommendations for Adam or if he'd be willing to talk to me. It's very cool how everyone is so ready to help Adam.

Jeff McEx-skipper

Lilla said...

I saw some little kids skipping down the street yesterday and I thought "Man where do they get the energy for that intense cardio?" AND they were smiling the whole way - no grimaces.

Lynda, you need the! ;D

Michael said...

Adam, I'm all for the extra accountability! Go for it!

Jeff, LOL...skipping!

Anonymous said...

Adam, i am up for youtube accountability. you and other shredders have so many creative, great ideas!
I haven't "skipped" or as I also know it as "jumproped" in such a long time. i probably would trip myself the first few times.

Debbie said...

ROTFLMA. What a hilarious group of comments! Thinking of Jeff skipping around the gym! Skipping vs. jumping rope. It depends where you're from on what you call it, right?

Adam, DO IT. Put the vid on youtube!


Adam Waters said...

Hi Joni, thanks for your advice on Florida weather! BTW, your karate vid was awesome!


Adam Waters said...

Thanks TigerLilly, looks like I'll be getting in some cardio on the boardwalk! My cardio varies depending on my immediate goal. But suffice to say, when shredding I'll always get results doing cardio up to 4/5 times a week (sometimes double sessions).

Adam Waters said...

Cool Lynda! As for skipping lessons, if you can watch a boxer train you'll learn a lot, my firend is a former boxer and he taught me heaps.

Adam Waters said...

Jeff! Great to hear from you man, you are a champion, thanks for your email and offer to advise me on shredding in Florida.
P.S. You really made me laugh about "skipping" through the gym! I thought skipping "jumping rope" was universal!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Christy, yeah Jeff's mental image made me laugh too! Thank you for your Florida tips, its amazing how many Shredders used to live or work in Florida!

Adam Waters said...

Cool Lilla! BTW, I really dug your "raw foodie" vid, I wish I could get that raw food (organic) in Japan!

Adam Waters said...

Cool Michael, it will be done!

Suzette, I'm sure you'd do fine, plus its a great way to up the intensity of FLCT!

Hi Debbie, I thought "skipping" was a universal word for jumping rope, now I know maybe its not in the US!