Friday, March 07, 2008

Day 485 Video: Disney World Shredding Highlights

G'day Shredders,

Here is a vid from my vacation to Disney World in Orlando.

In this vid you'll see a few snaps of Down Town Disney, EPCOT, my helicopter tour with Al, my shred with Jeff McBride and my pic with the 6 Billion Dollar Man, Jay Abraham.

Winning Contest Video Recap

This was the prize I won from the 66 Seconds Video Contest hosted by Rich Schrefren. My winning vid is shown below.

The Final Countdown!

Only 15 Days to go now until M4 Judgment Day in NYC with Tom Venuto on Day 500 AND ECSS 2008 with the New York Four on Day 502.

Stay tuned for more vids...

P.S. I "unplugged" today to prioritize a Double Shred and generally get my game in order for the Final Countdown as Tom Venuto and The New York Four will take no mercy on me when we shred in NYC!


Massimiliano said...

Hi Adam
Welcome back!
I was also away (from the gym) sick for more than 2 weeks!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Massi, great to be back! Are u back shredding now?