Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 503: ECSS Aftermath & Chest Training With Tom Venuto

G'day Shredders,

Another massive day over here in NYC!

In fact, things have been so massive that I am now 2 days behind in posting to this blog. I promise to do my absolute best over the next couple of days to get back to real-time!

Day 503 AM: ECSS Aftermath

As you know from yesterday's post Day 502: New York Four Reaches The Summit the first ever Shredder Summit was a raging success far beyond what I and the New York Four could have envisioned back in December 2007 when we first tentatively discussed this ECSS Event.

Why ECSS Was A Raging Success

I firmly believe the reason why it was such a success was because we all "knew" each other so well beforehand through our blogs and comments to each other. When you have an "intense shared experience" over 150 days it does pierce through the normal apprehension one usually feels when "meeting" new people online.

The New York Four's Shared Experience

When The New York Four and I finally met in person for the first time at a sushi restaurant in New Jersey it felt so natural because we already knew so much about each other and our own personal journeys.

We talked for hours that night reflecting on our journeys to the Summit and the coolest thing was that our Fellow Shredders could also recall the turning points and milestone event for each Shredder within the blink of an eye!

In The Presence Of Greatness You Are Forced To Lift Your Game!

Of course, the presence of the Man Himself at ECSS 2008, Tom Venuto was not only the single biggest accountability driver for all of us, it was also metaphorical equivalent of reaching the Physique Transformation Summit as Tom is hands down the Internet's No.1 Super Shredder!

This whole experience has been very cool and I firmly believe that we have collectively cemented friendships that will now last a lifetime.

First Official ECSS Video Goes Live!

The New York Four Shredders - Suzette, Joni, Debbie and Lilla - are still deliberating about what video footage will be made available in the coming days and weeks.

However, if you are hanging out to watch some video right now Joni has gone "live" with our ECSS 2008 Pushup Challenge Video. This video features Joni and yours truly in a friendly (but fierce!) battle to be crowned ECSS 2008 Pushup Challenge Champion!

Check out the video below and then go to Joni's Real Time Blog to vote on who you think the winner was! Joni will be holding the vote for only 72 hours so you better hurry over there!

New York Four Pics With The Super Shredder!

Also be sure to go to each of the New York Four's Blogs - Suzette's QFS Blog, Joni's Nana Korobi Ya Oki Blog, Debbie's Can We Talk Blog and Lilla's Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Blog - to check out their ECSS Judgment Day Pictures with the Man Himself, Tom Venuto!

Jeff McBride Has Done It Again!

My online buddy Jeff who I met Disney World in Florida for a Late Night Shred has once again blown me away with an extremely powerful post in the comments section to Day 502! I am humbled by your words Jeff and there is not much I can say to do your eloquent writing justice
except to say that you are a great mate and thank you so much for your positive vibes.

Here are Jeff's words of inspiration:

Wow, that light beaming from you in that photo with Tom says it all.
It's more than setting a ridiculously high goal and reaching it.
It's more than fulfilling a dream of working out with your mentor.
It's more than inspiring people to dream big and do big: people you never met, from countries all around the world.
It's more than the real friendship we all feel toward you.
It's even more than the physical, mental and spiritual transformations we are realizing.
It's what you do with that light that feeds our souls.
You take that big bright shining light and send it right back.
Right back to your shredders, right back to all of us.
Right back as bright as you can make it.
If you could reach out and put that feeling right into us, you would do it.
It's your natural state, the way you are.
And that's a big reason we know we can do it, it's a big reason we want to.

Shine on my brother,
Jeff McAdamfan
Christina Goes Live With RSS!

I also want to say it is great to hear from you Chistina, and it is awesome that you now have an RSS Feed coming from your blog. I apologize for my lack of comments on your awesome blog as RSS is the only way I can stay in tune with what is happening in the ShredderSphere.

I look forward to interacting with you much more in the future and my advice for my Fellow Shredders is to enable RSS feeds from your blogs because that is the most common way your blogs will be read across the ShredderSphere: Real Time Physique Tranformation Bloggers.

Day 503 PM: Chest Training With Tom Venuto!

Real-Time Account

4:00 PM - Tom Venuto picks me up in his Burn The Fat Mobile for a Chest & Bicep Training workout at Strong & Shapely Gym in New Jersey.

4:01 PM - Tom hands me a declassified document.

4:02 PM - Tom instructs me to read said document very carefully.

4:03 PM - Tom pumps up the jams in his Burn The Fat Mobile while I read the document.

4:05 PM - My heart begins to pound hard after reading the only first page of this document.

4:10 PM - My insides start to churn as I begin to realize the contents of this document will be deployed within 15 minutes time!

4:15 PM - Tom speaks.

4:16 PM - Tom uses the following phraseology to describe what's coming my way, "DONE, KAPUT, ZONKED, BONKED, NUKED, GAME OVER, NULLIFIED, TOASTED, ROASTED, DESTROYED, HAMMERED..."

4:30 PM - Tom says, "Are you ready?"

5:30 PM - Tom was not joking.

To discover the contents of this declassified document for yourself head on over to Tom Venuto's BodyBuilding Secrets Blog right now!

WARNING: This is NOT for beginners!

Tom will not be held responsible for your own chest destruction and the aftermath of DOMS that will follow!

However, the massive gains in chest development you will experience after active deployment of said document should motivate you to go and leave a comment on Tom's Bodybuilding Secrets Blog thanking him for the mind-blowing workout!

The Document: Build A Bigger Chest In 3-4 Workouts Or Less

Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are Day 503 RTP Blog Daily Pictures for March 25, 2008 taken at the Mecca of East Coast Bodybuilding, Strong & Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, NJ.

M2 Judgment Day: The Six-Pack Verdict

94 Responses from 22 Countries over 12 hours to my public vote on my blog as to whether my midsection qualified as a six-pack. At stake is my $1500 pre-paid "redemption trip" to Phuket. The following takes place on March 24, 2007. Events occur in real-time.


Anonymous said...

am loving your posts this week. such great stuff. The game has been bumped up a knotch yet again. what a great comment left by Jeff. every word rings true! Adam, you truly inspire us all to push beyond our limits.

Debbie said...

Adam, your post is funny today. I wish my workouts were that much fun!

I want a Burn the Fat Mobile!


Jeff- you have a gift. What a wonderful way you have described Adam's spirt.

CeeKaye said...

Hi Adam,

Great to learn something new everyday, right?!

So, the brutal 3 workout chest builder, eh? ...hope you have the big honkin' tube of tiger balm handy for the DOMS...!

It's so awesome, having your biggest inspiration around to coax you thru those last kill-or-be-killed reps. Shreddis-Maximus, Adam!!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

So Adam, when are you planning on entering a BB competition?

Michael said...

I've tried that exact workout before and it is KILLER! Tom has some very interesting ways of hitting different body parts for sure!

Adam, I've been in awe at your posts the past few days. So much so that I haven't had anything to say. I've been down with the flu and your posts have kept me inspired. I can't wait to get back into the gym after I kick this bug.

Mike Groom said...

Adam you are an inspiration! Your Day 503 photos outside the gym is fantastic, you are looking huge man! You have definitely put on some good lean muscle and now you are SHREDDED it is all showing!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, thanks for your kind words, I'm lovin your posts too, especially your Shredder Mobile pic!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Debbie, you should see Suzette's Shredder Mobile!
It was a fun workout too! Tom's definition of fun may be different to some people's though!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Christina, yeah the DOMS was off the richter scale on this one! Yeah, you definitely have to turn it up a notch with Tom next to you, no quitting is allowed!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Diane, no plans to enter a conventional BB contest, but Mission 5 will go very close to creating a similar environment!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Michael, I thought you may have already done that workout, it is killer hey?! I hope you get better soon mate.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Mike, I reckon this kind of workout would suit you to a tee! Let me know how you go!