Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 532: The M5 Jigsaw Puzzle

G'day Shredders,

Just a quick M5 update today as I'm really pressed for time (again!).

While the full scope of Mission 5 will remain under wraps for a while yet, I can report that certain pieces of the M5 Jigsaw Puzzle are already falling into place!

Just wait till you see what may be coming your way...

Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are Day 532 Mission 5: Pre Shred Pics for April 23, 2008.


CeeKaye said...

Hi Adam,

You do love to build supense, don't you?! :9 Can't wait to see what's in store! (we will know this Sunday, yes?)

Michael said...

Adam is the master of suspense. I think he should be a film maker.

B said...

You a very good at baiting us and keeping us hanging. You cruel man.(LOL)

Adam Waters said...

Haha, this time the "suspense" and the "waiting" is not fully under my control! I can't wait to share it with Sphere!

Anonymous said...

Adam, we can't wait to hear what M5 will be all about. must be tough for you too for it to not be fully under your control.

Adam Waters said...

Your post is very ironic now Suzette! It seems that not even my blog is under my control...again!

On a serious note, this may be the end of this blog as I know it, unless I get some kind of assurance from Blogger that this is the last time I get locked-out and/or I get put on a "safe list" somewhere.

The frustration I feel now would be small compared if Blogger decided to shut me down on M5 Judgment Day, I'd rather not risk that.

I will be seriously considering my options as I wait for Blogger's response. One way or another this will be the last time I feel.


Joni said...

Man that really sucks what is the deal with Google? Like you are some kind of criminal I swear this is ridiculous. Well hope it is resolved soon and you don't have to move everything somewhere else, that would be seriously time-consuming! Waiting to see what's coming up... said...

Sorry to hear about yet another lock down - no fair! So much good, free and timely content here on RTP compared to other sites, what is Blogger thinking?

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Be encouraged, cause this hick-up only affirms that the best is yet to come!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Sorry to hear about your blogger problems. I use Typepad for my other blog. It's not free like blogger, but since it's for my business I don't mind. If you still use SiteSell the new Infin It thingy works great with Typepad. I hope your Blogger issues are resolved soon. I'm so glad it didn't happen at the end of a Mission.

Mike Groom said...

I too hope your blogger issues are resolved soon, you must be very frustrated.

CeeKaye said...

It's okay Adam, the internet is a big place...and i'm sure you will be able to find a new place to call you blog-home or even run your own website if things at Blogger don't pan out. Best wishes for the right outcome! =D

Adam Waters said...

Hi Joni, I'm waiting to see what's coming up too! If I do get back online by Sunday I'll have a surprise for the Council 2.0 Candidates.


Adam Waters said...

Thanks for your support Lilla, I really dig the new look layout of your blog too!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Diane, I'll definitely take a leaf out of your book, the best really is yet to come (just not sure where exactly that will be...)

Adam Waters said...

Thanks for your tip Christy, I'll have to check out SiteSell further as I'm already paying for that service!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Mike, I hope you had a great Anzac Day over there in Oz!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Christina, I'll definitely have a closer look at running this blog off my own domain, its not cool being tricked up by Blogger bots this often.

Anonymous said...

how about temporarily using your USA-RTP blog until you figure out what you want to do? that way you can at least continue to post daily. just a thought.

gil said...

Just discovered your blog while looking for Tom V stuff on youtube. Your transformation has really inspired me to document my journey as well. I have signed up for the video e-zine and although I am not sure what platform issues you're experiencing with blogger, I hope it all gets sorted out. You da man Adam. All the best from NYC,


Adam Waters said...

Hi Gil, great to hear mate. Let me know your URL when you are up and running.

Cathy said...

Dear Adam (and your minions),
I don't even know how I stumbled into your blog, having never read a blog before.

I just spent over an hour and some reading you here. "WOW" I got all excited and wanted to join in on one of your challenges, as I just recently decided to activate my inner superhero to transform myself. It would be fun to do this with others, checking in and such.

It seems you have one of your challenges (my own self challenge, I understand) starting in May? How can I join in, or is this just for your council until I have proven worthy via photos? hmm, not clear yet on how this works.. it could be very simple and I'm so jazzed about
what you have done that I can't see straight! hee hee

Anyway, I joined a gym recently, (huge admission for me), have a goal of approx 20 pounds to lose alas give or take a few pounds of my superhero muscles yet to have emerged via my shredding...

Thanks and to you and your shredders:
Cathy F.

Bob said...

HEY what about you Adam? How are U? You seem so busy. You are too much occupied with signing autographs, you'r becomin' a famous star Adam ^^
Come on let's post new daily infos on your blog, we wan't to look at your abs ^^

Bob said...

Oh I forgot, I know that you are not a fan of dietary supplement but what do you think about Whey and casein protein (especially whey) in a program?

Adam Waters said...

Hi Cathy, thank you for your very kind words. The easiest way to join in is to "Shredder Sunday: Video Series" (click "Sphere" on header graphic) and you'll find out how to join the ShredderSphere (free).

The Council is reserved for those Bloggers who have done at least 100 days straight blogging with daily pics. But it will be open to those bloggers who put results on the board in the Sphere, in the future.

Shred hard,

Adam Waters said...

Hi Bob, I'm still doing daily pics and posts on RTP Blog 2.0

This is because I'm still locked out of Blogger. I will reveal my abs for M5, just wait and see!

On Whey I use it myself when I'm in a jam for time but food is always preferable for metabolic effect.


Bob said...

Oh God, I didn't notice that you was blocked for an other time it's unbelievable. Ok I'm gonna take a look at rtp 2.0 I get a lot of daily post to read ^^
Thanx for your advice about whey protein, I'm gonna eat more cottage chease and milk
See U on RTP 2...

Andy said...

Hi Adam..thanks for dropping by my blognb this morning. I am so happy to have some type of connection with you one way or the other. Sorry about your blog getting locked up! Are you planning on a new blog site soon here! You really outidid yourself with this one though (your clustrmap is worldwide).

Lookin good, Adam!!


Adam Waters said...

Thanks Andy, I have my new blog set up at this URL:


Anonymous said...

For all new visitors to this blog you can click my "Profile" link above this comment to go RTP Blog 2.0

Adam Waters

marce said...

hi... i need ur help can ugive me a rutine? i wish to lose weight :S i hope u want to help me, my name is yudith i live in mexico

GregRussell said...


I've been to your site a few times now, trying to find specific information about how you ate during your transformation, and I can't find very much. The site is full of timelines and pictures, but doesn't get specific -- near as I can find -- about how you actually did it. As someone who is trying to basically do what you did, I get irked when websites showcase the results but stay vague about the actual process.

Can you give me an example of what you ate during one of your average training days?

Greg Russell