Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 340 AM: Breaking News...Tom Venuto Mentioned Me In His Blog!


Tom Venuto, the Internet's No.1 fat loss coach has written about me (and my video!) on his Burn The Fat Blog today.

For years I have followed Tom (and his expert advice) from afar. After all, I'm just a regular guy living in a small one bedroom apartment in downtown Osaka who took action on my goals and dreams only 340 days ago.

Meanwhile Tom Venuto has been practicing what he preaches for the last 19 years competing 27 times in natural bodybuilding contests.

So, to be mentioned in his blog today is simply mind-blowing!

Can you see how surreal this is?

I guess the message here is that you never know what may lay ahead of you if you start living your dreams AND take the daily actions required to manifest them.

Below is a real-time screenshot of Tom's blog as of 10 minutes ago.

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. If you'd like to watch the video, 84 Days In 48 Seconds that Tom is referring to in his post click here to go to Day 166: BFFM And The Road To Redemption


Whitey_in_Oz said...

Wow! Nice work Adam! It looks like Tommy V has a very good impression of you. You should have a Press Release to your online community with a picture of you and him together or something. I'm sure your one of his best students ever.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! will surely go check out the article. so exciting to see everything come together for you. Makes all the "pain" of getting here worth it! Stay humble!
have you decided when to go "live" with the apparel? can't wait!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Congratulations! It is a really big deal, and well deserved.

dougal said...

This is great recognition Adam from one of the planets best. Tom has great integrity so you can also trust that it is sincere.

I have been thinking a lot about your journey and I had a vision of a space craft readying itself for a mission. The craft works hard to fire up it's engines and make sure everything is in order..It then expends a huge amounts of energy but heads upwards at enormous speed and with massive power. Once it reaches the edge of the earth's atmosphere it is able to cruise. The hard yards have been done.

You have been incredibly committed to your purpose and the "law of reciprocation" guarantees that the more you give unconditionally the more you receive. So your meteoric lift off is no surprise to me.

I think it is simply universal reciprocation for your contunually unselfish giving to others.

You deserve all the success you receive. I predict it will be MASSIVE.

Andrew said...

Hey Adam,

Just read through Tom's post on his blog. THat is amazing much kudos to yourself. What is I said the other day, giving some advice to Tom, Eat Clean, Shred Hard, Think BIG InnerCircle.

Doesn't seem unlikely to me at all now. Tom regards you very highly from the way he has spoken.

Keep it up mate, must be getting hard to keep the focus for ending M3 but hang on it's not long to go and this is all still gonna be here in a few weeks.

Take Care,


James said...

Hi, I found John Stone's website yesterday, did you see his timelapse movie? He started on january 2003 and does daily pictures from front and profile, he also logs his nutrition.

Congrats on the Tom's blog!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks guys! When I get time I'll reply individually to all your comments. Its really hectic here at the moment!

Adam Waters