Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 351 (5:00PM): Last Call For RTP Group Shredders!

14-Day RTP Group Shred Challenge

October 26, 2007 to November 8, 2007


Current RTP Time:
October 25, 2007 - 5:00PM

Participant Count:
Public Shredders : 10
Private Shredders: 5

Completion Prizes:

Access To RTP Store for 24 hours on Nov 9, 2007 at "cost price".

Free eBook Download of 84 Days, my real-time account of Mission 1



The time is nigh...

It is now 5:00PM RTP Time (check clock on the right).

This is your last chance to get on board the RTP Group Shred express!

You have until 10:00 PM RTP Time to enter the 14-Day RTP Group Shred Challenge.

Register Your Participation Here:

Go to the URL below to register your participation in the RTP Group Shred Challenge. All the "rules" and requirements (picture specs and prize eligibility) are explained on this form.

Need More Information?

To get the full scoop go to Day 349: RTP Group Shred Goes Live In 3 Days

Where will you be 14 days from now?

It is in these moments of decision that your destiny is shaped...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

All right! I'm doing the private shred, but (like Suzette) I welcome visits from shredders and lurkers alike. And if you're doing the shred (public or private), I am totally coming to VISIT your blog as many times as possible. I'm getting my congratulations comments ready for Day 14.

And I need to mention: ADAM you're look great. Wow. Your quads. Still shredding hard and doing all this. GREAT, GREAT JOB!!! 14 Days and it will be an entire year of focused hard work. Can't wait to congratulate you more on day 365.

Adam Waters said...

Awesome Christy! I got your confirmation just before, at the end of the day we are all human and I actually think the more honest we are the less likely we are to encounter negativity (especially on our own blogs).

In fact, out of the 800 plus comments on this blog only about 3 have been negative, that's why I don't feel the need to moderate comments here.

Shred Hard!


Sammy said...

Hey Adam, I really need to ask you something. Do you take a postworkout drink when you're shredding? I'm taking 60g of dextrose and 33g of protein but I'm wondering if tt'll make me gain fat... I'm wondering if mixing it up with maltodextrin will make it better. Let me know what you think please.


Adam Waters said...

Hi Sammy, I take protein - water packed canned tuna(full serving = one meal, calculated on my daily requirements@1.5g per pound of bodyweight) with a salad (carbs w/flax seed oil) straight after my workout.

There is a "30 minute window" where you MUST get protein into your system after a workout. Carbs are also a necessity at this time. There is a lot of evidence to back this up (too much to go into right here) but this is what I do.

Adam Waters

Andrew said...

Hi Sammy / Adam,

That's pretty much exactly the same as what I take after my workout.

Adam, looking forward to the group shread, another awesome video too. Loved the visual smoking effects in the previous video, a budding pyromaniac in the making!!!

Looking good in the latest photo's.

Take care,


Sammy said...

Hi andrew, so you take water packed tuna post workout too? It's gotten me confused because everywhere I see people talking about postworkout insulin spike and how taking 70g dextrose and 30g protein powder will create an insulin spike and make you more anabolic.

I've been taking these shakes but I'm quite concerned about insulin sensitivity and it's gotten so bad that I once took a shake and got knocked out (I had to lay down on the couch) due to the sugar rush and then drop.

I wanna take low gi carbs postworkout but I'm afraid it'll affect the muscle growth.

Sorry for the long post but tmr is the start of the challenge (yay!) and I'm looking forward to it. Good luck to all of you and work hard!


Andrew said...

Hey Sammy,

Well I can only answer from my point of view. I am not taking anything extra, carb drinks, protein etc. My drink that I take to the gym is just simple orange squash. From my experience, and this is only mine, there are loads of different opinions on what to do, some work, some don't but at the end of the day the hard bit is finding the right method for yourself. Everyone's body is different and where it may work for me it might not for you. Experiment over a 2 week period with different options. Again in my experience you can lose fat really quickly but it is much harder to pack muscle on at the same speed.

So in short, you can often get real mixed up and hung up on the various different options around. Pernally, I would go home or take with you a nutritious meal that was full of protein and carbs and a small amount of fat and get that into you ASAP after the workout.

Take care,