Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 382 Video: Pre-Christmas Shredding - Shredder Council Week 2 Wrap

Event: RTP Group Shred
Weekly Accountability Phase

Duration: 12 Weeks

Daily Accountability Phase 1:
October 26, 2007 to November 8, 2007 - Completed

Weekly Accountability Phase 2:
November 18, 2007
to January 8, 2008

Status: Game On!
Week 2: November 25, 2007

Shredder Agreement:
Weekly accountability pictures/blogs for 84 days until January 8, 2008.

Shredder Count:

Certified Shredders: 16

Completion Prize:
Limited Edition Shredder Council merchandise from the RTP Store for 24 hours on January 9, 2008 at "cost price".


G'day Shredders,

Happy Thanksgiving! I trust you enjoyed your time with family and friends.

Well Shredders, 31 days down! You have now well and truly ingrained this powerful accountability habit into your routine. You have laid the foundation to make a head-turning physique transformation by January 8, 2008.

The flipside here is that if you don't feel you are making rapid enough progress after 4 weeks it can cause a loss of motivation and discipline. Therefore, in today's video I will "go back in time" and give you advice based on my Mission 1 pre-Christmas Shred last year.

Until next week,

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!


RTP Shredder Council Video: Week 1

Pre-Christmas Shredding

Inside this video you will discover...

  1. Council Advice: My "Secret Motivation Weapon" for pre-Christmas shredding.
  2. Christmas Shredding: How to come back from the holiday season in better shape.
  3. Plateau Breaking: What to look at first when you are in a plateau.
  4. Recommended Resource: The "Fat Loss Bible" I use and recommend for getting out of a rut.

M4/Shredder Council Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Shred On!

Post Status: November 25, 2007
Next Update: December 2, 2007

Signed: Adam Waters

P.S. Check out the Shredder Profiles and make comments on their profile's and support these Shredders who have taken massive real-time action on their physique transformation goals and dreams.

P.S.S. Below are my Day 382 pics for November 25, 2007: Mission 4 - Day 7 of 125. Still can't get the photo exposure right!


My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

I don't recall reading or listening to you explaining what your mission 4 is about, but by your pics I think it is safe to say that you are bulking and looking incredible. Are you cncentrating on lifting heavy with low reps and have your caloric intake increase?
Keep pumping!

Andrew said...

Hey Adam

Another great video mate with some excellent information. However I have a question / comment / advice required not sure which. I was very interested to hear what you said about your eating and planning over the Christmas period. However I would be interested to see what your take is for those who want to indulge over the Christmas period.

I am very much committed to this whole way of life now and have been exercise wise for aroudn 2 years now, nutrition wise for about a year or so. However I am looking forward to indulging over the Christmas week. Not to absolute excess but at the same time I want to have this time as a good relax from a nutrition side of things, exercise will still continue in some way even when the gyms are shut but I will no doubt take Christmas day off as I think my wife may take issue with me going for a run!!!

So....any advice for those who want to indulge more than others, advice or words of warning??

Thanks and take care,


Andrew said...

Hey Adam,

Just had your day 382 video post come up on my blogrush widget on my blog!! How spooky!

Take care,


Joni said...

Great video as usual, thanks for all the great info. I am excited to see what Christmas holds for all of us - I hope that we can all make it through still feeling great no matter what happens and continue the rest of the shred. So far no plateaus for me, hope I can avoid that for as long as possible with MS since it is always changing. Anyway, looking good and can't wait to see what your full set of goals is for M4. Talk to you soon!

Suzette said...

"The secret to staying motivated all the time is to set emotionally charged goals"
I read this in your post on day 166 where you talk about Tom's book. Just like it did when you read it, this too jumped out at me.(I do not have Tom's book) Your video made me think of this quote. And I think this has been part of my problem...I havn't had an emotionally charged goal. But I think with the possibility of a Shredder Council meet up with you is cause for an emotionally charged goal. And this is what I will use to Charge me up!

Lilla said...

I totally agree with Suzette. The possibility of an East Coast GS Summit has got me revved up to shred hard! Hope it comes to pass.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Diane, yeah M4 involves mass building and a caloric surplus (which I'm very happy about). I'll then "cut up" in the last 8 weeks before Day 500.


Adam Waters said...

Hi Andrew, the best advice I could probably give is to coincide your "free meals" on the days that are most important to you, e.g. Christmas lunch.

Once you ingrain this into your lifestyle you'll be very conscious of "not falling off the wagon" for tool long. Your internal "accounatbility clock" will prevent you from going overboard!


Adam Waters said...

Sounds great Joni! Christmas will be a test but I believe by then most (if not all) Shredders will have ingrained powerful lifestyle habits that will "keep us in check" over Christmas.

Adam Waters

Adam Waters said...

Right On Suzette! We gotta discuss this further and we will!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Lilla, sounds very cool! We'll have to chat about the East Coast Summit in the SU.


Karlos said...

Hey Adam,
I havent been on your website in a while, I really like what you're doing with it, specially the whole shredder council. I gonna start with my workouts on dec 11, because the next two weeks are too hectic for me having to take final exams for school.... but from dec 11 i'll be able to post daily updates, maybe i'll join the council when it starts up again......
keep up thd good work...