Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 489: An Outer-Body Experience!

G'day Shredders,

I'm pumped! I broke new ground today in the HIIT Cardio shredding department.

I completed 5 cycles (6, 12, 15, 18 km/h) of 1 minute each AND hit 18 km/h on my top speed increment and held it for 2 minutes...twice!

*While in Orlando I did hit 19.3 km/h (12 mp/h) they were only for 1 minute "baseline bursts". The routine I did today calls for 2 whole minutes at your top speed on the last cycle.

Here's the weirdest part, I had gas left in the tank after I finished the full routine. This was a surreal experience, as I was running I kept waiting for the "pain" to hit me, but it never did!

On the 2nd minute of 18 km/h it started to feel like an outer-body experience! It was so easy it felt like I was floating and watching myself from above. I guess this goes to show just how quickly you can increase your cardio capacity with measured doses of very intense interval training.

In light of this exciting development I will up my top speed to 18.5 km/h for my next HIIT Cardio workout on Day 491. I'm looking forward to this challenge!

Ok Shredders, today was a long day so I must sign off now.

Catch ya,

P.S. As I discussed yesterday my fellow Shredders, (Michael from Fat Burning Machine Blog and Mike from Aussie BodyBuilder Blog) are the kings of Real Time Accountability (RTA) logging. Well, guess what?! They have both decided to ramp up RTA with a "reveal" on their chosen deadlines. Check out their blogs, leave a comment and help amp up the "positive pressure" for these Shredders!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, Congratulations on an awesome cardio workout! i know what you mean about an outer body experience! it feels pretty amazing when all the elements come together, even just for one perfect minute!
i can see the outline too!!
The excitement is building...

Lilla said...

Damn, that's fast! That's cheetah fast!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Kel, it is an awesome feeling, you can't beat the buzz you get from those endorphins an an intense cardio session.

Adam Waters said...

"Cheetah fast!", haha, maybe we should have our next Shredder Summit in the wild plains of Africa and test our cardio limits!

Debbie said...

I think I would be having an outer body experience at those speeds too - because I'd be DEAD!

Way to go Adam in beating your personal best!