Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 498: Tom's Door...

...As I turned to walk out the elevator my heart started to beat a little faster. The beating got more pronounced with each step that took me closer Tom's door...

Even though I hadn't slept much in 48 hours, and I'd just come off a delayed 7 hour flight from San Francisco, I was wide awake with my senses fully engaged by the time I reached the foot of Tom's door.

As I knocked on Tom's door I was filled with a sense of "Man, is this really happening!?"

When Tom actually opened the door I walked through and felt a surge of energy mixed with a feeling of wonderment, "Yes, this IS really happening!"

It was an indescribable feeling to finally meet the man himself after 123 days of planning and build up. As Lilla would say, Tom and I "chewed the fat" for hours last night discussing everything from bodybuilding to mindset (and everything in between).

As you know Tom Venuto has been a massive role model for me ever since I first purchased Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle during my Darkest Hour in 2003.

Implementing the Principles of BFFM has transformed my life in every way, and has actually led me to Burn The Fat World Headquarters in New Jersey (all the way from a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Osaka!)

Once again, if you are serious about transforming your mind, body and life I would say the same thing I said back on Day 166:

Tom can only show you the door, you still have to walk through it.


P.S. However, it wasn't all peaches and cream. Just before I went to bed Tom notified me of the following, "Tomorrow is leg day" Ominous words from a bodybuilding legend...

P.S.S. Today's pic comes to you live and exclusive from Burn The Fat HQ, with special guest photographer!


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Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are Day 498 RTP Blog Daily Pictures for March 20, 2008: Mission 4 - Day 123 of 125


Michael said...

I'm very jealous! Have a great workout man. Can't wait to hear what Tom puts you through.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! You made it to your destination, and yet there's so much further you can go...
Can't wait to hear all about it!
Have the work out of your life!

Lilla said...

My heart was pounding just reading this post! See you in a few. :)

Anonymous said...

so awesome Adam! love your description coming up to his door. having the same kind of feelings just being here meeting you and the others! What a great memory to have! looking forward to meeting you and the others this evening! so psyched!

Joni said...

Hey man thanks for a great first meeting - just wanted to say happy day 500 and for once in my life I scooped you on getting my blog post up with the pic first!! Have a great day tomorrow, Happy Easter, and see you Monday!! :)

Adam Waters said...

Hi Michael, it was an awesome workout indeed! Check out Day 499!

Adam Waters said...

G'day Kel, I can't wait to tell you all about it very soon!
Thank you for your support from the inception of this blog.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Lilla, it was great to meet you in person and thank you for your kindness and generosity in transporting me to the NY4 Pre-Summit today! See you tomorrow!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, great to finally meet you today, I can't wait for our SUmmit on Monday, see you again soon!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Joni, it was great to meet you today, Day 500 was was all the more special because I could celebrate with you and the NY4! See you again soon!